PlayStation patent would train an AI profile to take over your games if you need a break

A new PlayStation patent lays out a concept for an AI that could be trained to play games by watching your play style, then take over if you're having trouble or just need a break.

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Kaii97d ago

"The patent details a system which would create a default play profile for each user, then customize that profile by observing how each user plays across multiple games."

This is awesome, I'd love to 1vs1 my own playstyle and change it up each time

Michiel198997d ago

this is far away from realization. You could look at how Dota 2 worked together with I think the company was called OpenAI or at least the bots were called that, not sure about the company. They let the bots train in simulation for a ridiculous amount of time, i would like to say it was 2000 years or something, sped up ofcourse. They actually managed to beat the best pro players in mid 1v1 and even in 5v5 as well. It was actually amazing to see how spot on perfect the AI was with its mechanics.

It had flaws though, since they only allowed the bots to train with and against a limited hero pool and there were ways to cheese it since they had trained for years vs other self learning AI and not vs real players. Still very amazed how they managed to pull it of though. Interesting stuff to look at since this is by far the most advanced way it has been implemented in games so far.

let alone doing this across multiple games, thats just not gonna happen before we die ;)

GameSetMatch96d ago

Bro, AI is being developed at such speed that we are going to see some serious advancements before we hit 2030.

itsmebryan97d ago

This is something like the "drivavatar " that Fora has been using when you are not playing. But, I don't understand why you would want a game to play for you when you are there? I want to play my games not watch it play by itself. That's just watching TV.

stupidusername97d ago

I imagine that this could be useful if you got disabilities and need help with certain parts.

SullysCigar97d ago

Personally, I love JRPGs, but don't have time anymore to enjoy them thanks to the amount of grinding some entail. If this could give me the option of help, I'd probably take it sometimes.

I get the apprehension, but it's a bit like using a walk through or tips/cheats; to some it defeats the object of gaming, but to others they couldn't play otherwise.

Jin_Sakai96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

People acting like it’s going to play the entire game for you. The AI could take over if you need to take a bathroom break, have a disability, or help out if you’re having trouble beating a certain boss.

I definitely could see instances where it could be helpful.

itsmebryan96d ago

But, I could play the whole game . I can understand it lower the difficulty to get past a hard part. But, playing for you while you're there I don't get it.

Rebel_Scum97d ago

Terrible idea unless you can train it for grinding. It might make getting all the weapons in Nier Replicant bearable.

Rebel_Scum97d ago

Please explain because a one worded response doesn't encourage discussion.

Duke1997d ago

A game that plays itself! Yeah this just seems like a silly idea to me. If people are viewing it only as a way to "get around" aspects of the game (be that difficulty or grinding, etc) - then I think the game itself should just be made more accessible. (or add a "skip" type button).

NotoriousWhiz97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

I think grinding is a great idea for AI. Would definitely make random encounters in JRPGs far more manageable.

Rebel_Scum97d ago

Couldnt agree more. I was just merely thing of one application where it could make sense.

SullysCigar97d ago

I immediately thought of grinding too. I just don't have time anymore and this means I could play games I'd otherwise have to skip.

glennhkboy97d ago

Isn't this already exist in PC & mobile games? If game bot can play all by itself, what's the point of even playing?????

AirRevenant97d ago

I don't know, I'd be on board if this thing could dodge lightning a hundred times in a row for me in final fantasy 10...

CrimsonWing6997d ago

I guess it’d be good for mindless grinding

Germaximus97d ago

Exactly. I've tried games like this in the past. There's a Final Fantasy one that plays itself as well. They have cool visuals and interesting gameplay but the fact that they play themselves makes me just not even bother booting it up.

anast97d ago

I think it would be more nuanced than that, but I see your point.

wwinterj97d ago

It seems odd that some folk want games to play themselves.

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glennhkboy97d ago ShowReplies(1)
garos8297d ago

That is
fantastic of them to include a game "journalist" mode. Now the whiny babies can sit back and take their whole playthrough breaks and complain solely on the sexual preferences of totally made up characters

johndoe1121197d ago

Extremely underrated comment.

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