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This isn't the generational leap forward we might've expected following a new console launch, but it's still the best baseball sim you can play on any platform.

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Vengeance113821d ago

Based off the insane hype this game was getting from xbots you'd think it would be an auto 10/10 GOTY candidate.

SpeedDemon21d ago

When were Xbox fans hyping it? Or did you just make that up because your upset that the game is no longer a Sony exclusive?

Tedakin21d ago

Like all Bethesda games now, MLB the Show was never very good.

Vengeance113821d ago (Edited 21d ago )

That some kind of cute joke? Or are you just naturally ignorant? I guess you just chose to be blind to the constant stream of "ohhhhhh day 1 on gamepaassss omg massive news! That's huge!" comments across various forums?
It's the equivalent to say NHL 21 dropping on GamePass but would you see xbots losing their minds there? Of course not

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Tedakin21d ago

It's a Sony first party game, and as you know, all Sony first party games are 9 out of 10 juggernaut GOTY nominees.

Neonridr21d ago

show me a better baseball game then. It's always been a very good game for years. It's a good thing that more people get to play it. No need to be salty about it.

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Mr Logic21d ago

"The DualSense controller and Pulse 3D headphones combine to create the most immersive stadium experience yet. Feeling the DualSense pulse between my palms as the pitcher winds up their pitch to the backdrop of music and crowd cheers echoing around the stadium is sublime. This is especially great when your controller emulates the crack of your bat upon contact with a flyball. You know immediately when you’ve landed a home run, and having experienced it I dread the thought of playing without it now."

Would have meant more coming from McCaffrey, but still interesting nevertheless.

Neonridr21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

"dread the thought of playing without it".. a little dramatic much? Pretty sure we all managed just fine with MLB 20.

Mr Logic20d ago

We all managed to play on 480i TVs with no analog stick too, but that doesn't mean I want to do it now. Sometimes going backwards is hard.

Neonridr20d ago

@Mr Logic - no doubt, but MLB the show in 2020 was perfectly fine and we all "suffered through it".

Tankbusta4021d ago

I'm surprised anyone at ign has time for a sports game....they should be covering some woke political topic

oof4621d ago

Thoroughly enjoying The Show on my Xbox. Unfortunately, the Mets bullpen is a mess. They've blown me a few late leads already.

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