4 Totally Rad, Undiscovered Gaming/Geek Blogs

SlapStic's Ryan Rigney takes a look at a few gaming and geek blogs that are lesser known in numbers, but ready for the untold amount of attention they deserve. Keep an eye on these ones.

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ZomgBox3701d ago

There's a lot of good stuff here, didn't know bout a few of them.

tinydancer3701d ago

That number one spot is dead on.

Stoneroses63003701d ago

Yeah Only the Games has some pretty awesome reviews...

TWIXMIX3701d ago

Awesome, Some new sites for me to check out.

Stoneroses63003701d ago

I lol'd at the eyebrow thing. Good stuff.

Volvobug3701d ago

I'm looking at it and pretty much every post on that blog is funny ;D

0verdrive3701d ago

just thought that the use of the term "totally rad" in the title was funny; makes it sounds like were in the 90s and everyone is wearing neon colored spandex. haha.