IGN: Evasive Space Eludes Us No Longer (Preview)

IGN writes: "High Voltage has emerged as one of the most beloved Wii developers working right now. Upcoming games like The Conduit, Animales de la Muerte, and Evasive Space are great looking titles that get the hardcore gamers fired up. Today we spent some time playing the latter (being published by Yuke's, of Neves fame) and came away impressed. Often mislabeled a shooter because the player controls a spaceship and flies around 2D environments, Evasive Space is actually about, you know, evasion. Over the game's 20 levels you will never fire a shot. It will test your reflexes, though, as you dodge asteroids and maneuver your vessel through tight corridors.

Evasive Space takes place in the future, when Dr. Darkmatter has stolen the constellation stones and it's up to you to get them back. Players apparently control a female pilot, although you'll never see her or hear her voice. Levels have been designed as brief time trials, although there are some untimed collection missions as well. You have a top-down view of the action and can fly in 360 degrees. The B button boosts your throttle, and you point to aim your ship. Your nunchuk won't be necessary. Flying felt responsive, and as you earn upgrades it will only get easier."

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