9 Things Game Developers Wish Gamers Knew

Turns out game developers hate being called lazy. Huh. Who'd have thought people who work 14 hour days hate being called lazy?

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Christopher26d ago

Most of this is known. Even apparent one would say.

I get the author is doing this as a reminder that words matter and the people behind the games are people with more desires than making a buck. But that isn't the case everywhere. I think it might help to differentiate between a developer's job and management/executive decisions over which they have no control (see Cyberpunk 2077). It's hard to complain about specific people at a studio when they keep it all under an umbrella.

Also, the way a developer might not like to be called lazy, gamers probably hate being called cheap, entitled, or childish. Though, there are definitely some that do fit the bill just as there definitely exist money focused game makers who ignore or move on regardless of QA findings or similar issues.

26d ago
Rebel_Scum25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Definitely the one saying not all bugs are apparent is something that is blind to most armchair dev's on here.

To add some that are not in this article is wishing end users knew a little bit about the SDLC and how a team works on a game and what their roles are. How and/or why things get cut. To name a few.

A good one they mention is how they're only human. The number of times you see on the net people saying 'x' company sucks and they should be put out of business or cancelled with zero shits given to the workers who aren't as heavily involved in the shitty decisions of 'x' company, who have families to work and provide for.

It's fair to criticize shit companies and should be encouraged, but not to the point where you decide they shouldn't be allowed to redeem themselves. Everyone/thing deserves another chance if they recognise their failures.

Christopher25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

On armchair devs, I think there's plenty of major bugs in major games happening today that the issue isn't being apparent but proper QA (a management decision).

While I get complaining about minor bugs or one-offs on an indie title, know that most complaints are about massive IPs and major companies. How long and through how many games have certain bugs existed in fallout/elder scrolls games? Why do the same issues pop up in CoD games? How did inventory wiping issues that occur for almost all gamers get out the door? Let alone, why do cave loot bugs get fixed while other issues don't or take two years?

I think the author is setting an implication here that doesn't show that most complaints come from long time frustration or major bugs.

I do wish people were more aware of the process of development and more careful with who they blame with their words (let alone the vitriol of it). But I'd hate to use a portion of complaints that might be misunderstanding of how an issue could be hard to see or deal with to make it like there aren't tons more legit and frustrated complaints from true fans who aren't treated fairly by companies who fail to address issues across multiple games or push things out way too soon.

Rebel_Scum25d ago

You hit the nail on the head with your why and how questions because that is what dev’s wish you knew haha.

anast26d ago

Work is difficult and sometimes thankless...strange.

JayRyu25d ago

Better working standards for the game industry is needed overall.

chicken_in_the_corn25d ago

That games take time and resources to make

loxim25d ago

It's kinda funny reading this and seeing how developers say they hate being called lazy, spend countless more time playing games than you ever will, tweaking, fixing bugs all the time, hate being called lazy and then games STILL release with huge game breaking bugs, unfinished designs and laughably bad choices made. Cyberpunk and Outriders most recently. After all that said and you still don't want to be called any of that? Then fix the bug like you say you do and don't release games 60% finished and do the rest later???

Aquafiniac25d ago

That’s no being lazy. Game developers now a days spend hours and work hard to give ungrateful people what they want. You don’t know what’s going on in the back, you don’t know if it’s being forced. You think they see this and is like “fuck it, I’m to lazy and have no pride in my work to fix it.”

It could of been working fine but in the final product some stuff got messed up.

People complain that games take to long.
“ oh why did you announce it so early, I lost interest, so and so company sucks.”

Then they get forced to release it
“ so much bugs, they suck”
Honestly gamers now a days is starting to be one of the worse consumers out there. I don’t even know why people want to be developers still.
Work long hours, get shitted on, and possibly get death threats by some nerds lol

Christopher25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

That's not lazy. That's others making decisions to get it out the door. The same people who make other decisions that result in not giving enough time or wasting time in other stuff or just prioritizing something else without realizing its effect elsewhere.

Typically that's usually an issue with management and not developers. Kind of like how Cyberpunk 2077 threw their Q&A team under the bus for an their issues.