Xbox Game Pass loses a quick completion and five more games soon

The latest batch of games to leave Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC has been revealed. A total of six games will be leaving soon, including the quick and easy completion, Fractured Minds.

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Jin_Sakai20d ago

And they continue adding more games.

rakentaja20d ago

Games are leaving so they can add new ones ...

HyperMoused20d ago

In what way do games need to leave to add new ones?....memory full on the gamepass server?

Vizigoth0420d ago

Microsoft rents them so we can rent them.

rakentaja20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

to HyperMoused:
They have contracts with third party developers. You have to pay them depending on how big the game is (from indies to RDR2). From hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to keep it in the Game Pass for one year (usually). There's no point in paying "indefinitely" so the game could stay there forever. It doesn't make sense from a business standpoint. For the same money, Microsoft would rather add new games rather than renew the old contract to keep "already added" games for another year, 10 years or forever. For some reason, it is very difficult for some people to understand. They just rather post a pass lol.

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cammers199521d ago

Garbage mobile games anyways. Good riddance.

roadkillers20d ago

I heard good things about Thumper

SullysCigar20d ago

Thumper is a great game, but it's best as a VR game. It's far more intense.

Petebloodyonion20d ago

I take it you never tried any of these games.
Fractured mind won several awards is praised for the emotion it conveys and Thumper is a great rhythm game (better in VR in my opinion).
I have yet to play the rest so I will pass judgment.

Christopher20d ago

Games leaving Game Pass: crap

Games joining Game Pass: the best

Jin_Sakai20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Lose a few games and gain a few great games. What’s the problem?

gamer780420d ago

Moving out was pretty fun until the last boss then we quit

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AriesBear20d ago

Crap games no one cares about

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Tedakin20d ago

Lost 5 games I've never heard of. Added MLB the Show, Second Extinction and Destroy All Humans remake.

Orchard20d ago


MLB + Destroy All Humans is more than enough content to keep me happy for this month & justify my subscription.

20d ago
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