Why Modded Xbox Consoles Make the Best Retro Emulator Rigs

Although many people have either sold, stored, or shelved their original Xbox system, it still remains one of the best options for housing your emulators.

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darthv7220d ago

I modded one of mine with a 500gb had and coinops deluxe. So much fun playing old school arcade games I haven't played in years.

jjb198120d ago

*laughs in Raspberry Pi*

darthv7220d ago

How much is a pi? I have thought about making one but there are different ones to choose from.

A og Xbox I can find for $5-10.

JustTheFax20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Pi is junk. You want a Mister (de-10 nano). FPGA is so much better than pi emulation. But...they are way more expensive than a pi or xbox.

jjb198120d ago

OG Xbox is still trash and limited.

ActualWhiteMan20d ago

Where can you find an OG Xbox for $5-$10?

darthv7220d ago

@above, there is a flea market in my area where the guy has dozens of them. Untested but he let's you at least plug into see if they power on. They go for $5-10 depending on condition (damaged case / DVD tray open and close)

I have bought a few and molded them for friends. You can fit coinops lite on a stock drive easily.

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Father__Merrin20d ago

Buy a series s or x and sign up for developer account £15 then side load retroarch and other emulators I use Retrix it works brkliabts feels at home with control pad etc.

Easy to reboot into dev mode then back to retail mode

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The story is too old to be commented.