Defending the Plastic Guitar!

That Gaming Site Writes: "I play real Guitar and Guitar Hero.

Being a fan of both, I've been subject to numerous arguments over and over about how playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band is a waste of time and that 'nerds' should try picking up a real instrument and do something productive for a change. It was in this week's edition of NME (a British Indie Music Publication) that brought me this comment, in an article that........"

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krazy14kraz3701d ago

Unlike real people, they don't betray you unlike real people. haha

krazy14kraz3701d ago

i need to learn english. i might be high and not know it!

Elven63701d ago

I'd agree, if I knew what you were on about!

Cernex3701d ago

I like Guitar Hero, and plastic Guitars are here to stay, 'nuff said.

El Cernex

Elven63701d ago

Atleast for as long as demand is still their for them.

Timesplitter143701d ago

Well I can tell you playing real guitars feels 100 times better. But I've got nothing against Guitar Hero as long as people don't go thinking they're rockstars or something

-GametimeUK-3701d ago

i hate how guitar players can look down on someone for loving GH
on a real guitar I cant set my own "high scores" lol

its just a form of entertainment... if guitarists are gonna look down on GH players then the army, plumbers and blue hedgehogs are gonna have to look down on you for playing games like CoD, Mario and whatever crappy franchise has a blue hedgehog in it

sak5003701d ago

Next we'll hear from nascar drivers complaining about playing racers with plastic wheels. Take a chillpill guys let us gamers enjoy. Its not like we're going to take over the real world bands.

Elven63700d ago

I think it's because for every gamer that buys a real guitar 10 buy a plastic one, that's probably whats freakin some of these guys out. Even though fake plastic guitars have existed since the 20th century, albeit they weren't for games. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.