The Hidden Potential of Demakes in Gaming

We have seen an abundance of remakes and remasters over the years from all the major companies, such as Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, but why haven't we seen more demakes like Super Smash Land? James Bell argues about the hidden potential of demaking games.

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trippyaaron28d ago

I really like the idea of distilling a modern game into a simpler form. Some spin-offs aren't far off, Motorstorm RC coming to mind.

BrainSyphoned28d ago

Isn't that what Nintendo's mobile games are?

Jeriphro28d ago

Not at all. Those are simplified versions of modern games. A demake is taking something like Breath of the Wild and turning it into a version that fits the Game Boy Color. Like in the article, the example of turning Super Smash Bros (N64) into Super Smash Land (Game Boy) is a great example of a demake.