Square Enix Refutes Report by Bloomberg Claiming Potential Acquisition Offers

Square Enix published a document on their website stating the company had received no offers and was not considering selling any part of its business.

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RazzerRedux590d ago

Here is the bloomberg article translated:

"Several potential buyers have shown interest in Square Enix, CTFN reported, citing two bank officials familiar with the situation.

It is not clear whether the game department is the only one of interest or the company as a whole.

Square Enix's digital entertainment business accounted for 72 percent of total revenue in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, according to Bloomberg data."


Sonic-and-Crash589d ago (Edited 589d ago )

bloomberg has completely lost it ....false rumors ,false news, give it a rest ... seems they dont know a thing about games industry ...just clickbait articles

italiangamer589d ago

B-but people here on N4G said that Bloomberg is the gospel?!

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Highrevz589d ago

Would not be surprised if they said that just to pump the stock price up, which it did.

Bobertt589d ago

Remember when they said CCIV was going to merge with Lucid Motors soon and be the next Tesla. People jumped on it with no evidence and it ended up going up like crazy and now months later there is no news and it's almost back down to where it started.

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Mikeyy589d ago

Any and EVERY time the MSM writes something like ""citing two bank officials familiar with the situation.""

It is fake news. Sources "familiar " with the situation means the writer made it up.

RauLeCreuset589d ago

That's incorrect. Here's an article Battlestar23 posted below calling out Bloomberg for paying reporters for stories that move the market.


They use the same language for a source they quote who defended the practice. It should go without saying they wouldn't need to makeup a source to rebut their own argument.

I think Bloomberg is suspect, and they could be lying about sources, but that doesn't mean it's made up whenever you see language to that affect referring to a source.

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annoyedgamer589d ago

The game industry is going the way of entertainment. Run by 2 or 3 megacorps.

CrimsonWing69589d ago

I mean hasn’t it been like that for a while? The Big 3 at E3? Any other company that tries to step into the arena dies from little support?

Christopher589d ago (Edited 589d ago )

EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, Take 2, Square Enix, Capcom, Zenimax/Bethesda.

Microsoft buying one of the biggest publishers was a major move, but we're not at Monopoly levels.

I highly doubt Japan would allow one of their major companies be absorbed by a company outside of Japan, though. Similarly I don't think a European or Asian company buying out Zenimax would have been allowed.

Globalism is good for capitalism up until that companies money goes to another country.

dumahim589d ago


"Similarly I don't think a European or Asian company buying out Zenimax would have been allowed."

Why not? Chrysler was allowed to be bought by European companies.

Christopher589d ago

@dumahim: that's an interesting one. Did you know Stellaris was formed to keep a split between the American owned and still operated in America business and the European owned entities? The European entity didn't directly buy and absorb Chrysler, but instead did a 50/50 split into Stellaris. Essentially creating a scenario where that portion remained American based and founded while owned by the overall group entity. This is because the U.S. would not allowed the direct sale to the European car company itself.

dumahim589d ago


How about Daimler? As I understand it, they fully acquired Chrysler.

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Battlestar23589d ago

I wouldn't trust Bloomberg to post any news that was real. https://www.businessinsider...

italiangamer589d ago

Wow they are scummy as f***! No wonder Schreier moved there, he loves being a snake.

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