Resident Evil Village Random Difficult Would Be Insane

Endless replayability will ensue when playing Resident Evil Village on the random difficulty.

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Highrevz30d ago

Wow, that’s got a lot of potential.
I have gone from having 0 interest in this game to curious, still salty it’s not a proper Resident Evil game and I don’t see the need for Resident Evil in the title but damn this could change things for me.

vallencer30d ago

Just curious...what makes it not a proper RE game?

Highrevz30d ago

Anything that’s different from 0,1,2,3 and code Veronica. 4 and 7 was good games, just not resident evil to me.
The series changed too much from its roots. I Wish I could be more interested 🤷‍♂️

-T9X-69-30d ago


So you miss 90's camera angles? Because the suspense, item management, puzzles, hidden secrets, jump scares, horror element etc. is all present in 4 and 7. The roots are the same as they've ever been, it's the perspective that's changed.

Highrevz30d ago


You don’t think I’m making assumptions without playing those games do you lol if I felt the games had enough of the things you listed or resembled the quality they had in previous games then why would I not like them.

The camera angle is a big factor to me but I could still justify buying REmake2&3 Even though I still prefer the originals.

-Foxtrot29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


Why is it everytime someone says they miss the RE roots or wish it was more like Resident Evil it's always


No one is saying that

Look at the Resident Evil 2 Remake

That's a proper modernized Resident Evil game and it works, that's why it got so much love.

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septemberindecember30d ago

Resident Evil 7 had the most Resident Evil-esque tropes since Resident Evil: Code Veronica, IMO. The only thing missing is the tank controls.

pietro121230d ago

How is it not a proper RE game? The only thing that's changed is the perspective. The days of tank controls are gone thanks to the advancement of technology and good riddance

XbladeTeddy30d ago

"still salty it’s not a proper Resident Evil game and I don’t see the need for Resident Evil in the title"

You're like the guy who won't change his black and white TV as it's not the same watching TV in colour. Move on.

Highrevz30d ago

You shouldn’t let people’s opinions hurt your feelings so much kid.

XbladeTeddy30d ago

Highrevs: Enjoy your comfortable stay in the past whilst everyone else heads to the future.

goldwyncq29d ago

It is a proper Resident Evil game though. The developers decide what counts as a Resident Evil game, not you.

ManMarmalade29d ago

It's a proper Resident Evil because it's being made by the creators of Resident Evil. How much more do you need than that? Lmao

vallencer29d ago

Totally understandable. I was just curious. Admittedly story and lore wise it has taken a weird turn.

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XiNatsuDragnel30d ago

I am excited of Supa hardcore permadeath randomizers on PC.

Aussiesummer30d ago

This looks like 6 all over again. Gonna bomb.

pietro121229d ago

Looks nothing like RE6 more simular to RE4 in terms in mood and settings. This game is going to be great.

melons29d ago

random difficult? how did this get approved lol