Baldur's Gate 3 - Hotfix #10 Now Live

Larian writes: "Hello everyone, We’ve just rolled out a new hotfix for you! This one goes out to all of you (and us) who have clearly angered the RNG Gods in a former life and been cursed to fail dice rolls at every turn. We introduced loaded dice in Patch 4 to try to smooth out the extremes of the dice-rolling bell curve. Even with this change, we noticed in your feedback that the RNG wasn't feeling fun for you."

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SDuck26d ago

why not instead of awarding or punishing someone's luck, keep it realy random

Christopher26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

That's how it is by default. They added an option that tried to weight the dice to be more favorable if the player wanted but apparently it was implemented wrong and resulted in really lucky or really unlucky.

SDuck26d ago

That's what I'm saying. They added an option. Just don't

anast26d ago

$35 is expensive for not being finished. When is this going to end? Games have adopted the tech model of minimum viable product and people have to pay money to give them feed back. When they should be paying people to do this work.

antikbaka26d ago

wut? it's early access. Just don't buy it

anast26d ago

Early access is a joke. It means "pay us to report bugs and other issues". "Just don't buy it" is not an answer to this problem.

MaximusTKG26d ago

Where do you pay only $35 is the question.