Cyberpunk 2077 Hotfix 1.21 Patch Notes

Cyberpunk 2077 Hotfix 1.21 is now available and here are the complete patch notes!

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GamesAsAService32d ago

I'm just waiting for an official Next Gen Version (not back compat). I want the Witcher next gen upgrade and Cyberpunk when all of the bugs have been sorted out.

Darkborn32d ago

Same. I was gonna pre-order it but I didn't and I'm glad. Now I'll just wait a year or whatever for the next Gen upgrade and hopefully it'll be in a much better state.

badboyz0932d ago (Edited 32d ago )

same I haven't watched any vids waiting for my PS5 cyberpunk. 70% of games of today I wait to get that full experience.

antikbaka31d ago

this version is next gen one, as the ps4/xbox one version works like a ps3 game

DJStotty31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I think they mean the official next-gen upgrades by CD, not the software level improvements by the consoles themselves.

frostypants31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I see what you did there. Sadly I don't think the current version for CB77 will ever play right on last-gen consoles (outside of the Pro/One X) without massive downgrades. And most on next gen systems will want to wait for the "real" version for their console. This current version seems to have weirdly targeted a middling hardware spec...too high end for the bulk of last gen, too low end for next.

zarbor31d ago

I am with you on the Next Gen version of CyberPunk but I am concerned that they are wasting their time trying to fix the previous gen version of a game that is broken at its core. Is the game fun? Yes, in parts but not as a whole. We can clearly see from the game that it was too massive of a scope for not only the previous gen hardware but also a task too big for CDPR team and their timeline. This game was soo poorly managed that they should have invested all of the resources into the next gen version to make it what it should have been. They got greedy because of the install base in the previous gen but clearly they had to compromise the game and they failed.....Epic fail.

The other big concern is that the PC version did not live up the expectation either and that's most likely what the next-gen versions will be. That's not good enough. Money is obviously a big factor since they have invested tons of dollars into this game and I'm sure they have not broken even yet.

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ToddlerBrain32d ago

Still on on the PlayStation storefront though...

boing132d ago

Pretty sure Sony is waiting for a patch that will considerably lower the amount for crash reports they are getting.

P_Bomb32d ago

I must be in the major minority. 105hrs to platinum, not a single crash. PS4 Pro. Meanwhile Hitman 3 has already crashed on me three times in as many days lol. From a menu no less.

rockwhynot31d ago

@P_Bomb Most crashes are on base PS4.

boing131d ago


Then I guess you're lucky. I still have crashes on PS5. Defnitely less frequent than on launch day but they are still there, after 5 months. This shouldn't be acceptable because that is one of the main reasons people choose consoles over PC. Worry free gaming. Sony gets it.

anast32d ago

I wish they would or could do something about the pop-in.

CobraKai31d ago

They made the pop in worse and they gimped the lighting/reflections to squeeze out a few more frames. It stinks cuz this also affects PS5 owners who were playing at nigh 60fps. And the game still crashes. Lol. I really want CDPR to fix Cyberpunk, but it looks like they’re going backward to go forward.

P_Bomb31d ago

I’ve noticed more pop-in for wall graffiti and sometimes I’ll sprint faster than the game can load. Have to stop so someone’s face can catch up with them lol.

CobraKai31d ago

@P_Bomb haha. Yeah. For a solid 5 seconds or so, a character can look PS1 era as the game catches up.

neutralgamer199232d ago

Will just wait till 2022 for next generation patches for both this and witcher 3(I am one of those few who never finished witcher 3 so will do it on ps5)

Cyberpunk needs atleast 3-4 big patches

Highrevz31d ago

Same, I’ve waited long enough so I’m happy to wait longer. 2022 was the end of there road map iirc so I’m happy to pick it up then.

neutralgamer199231d ago

I think next generation patch for CP will be late 2021 because like I said they still need to release 3-4 big patches before they will release next generation patch

Let's not forget their first priority is getting back on psn because they are losing sales and sony will only allow them back on when the game is ready(this is my guess)

Abear2131d ago

Agreed. It’s stupid to think with their track record this next gem patch is going to flawlessly drop and fix everything. It’ll just have more issues that need to be fixed. Still, I’m at the start of Act 2 and can’t wait to play more. Hoping a NMS like redemption song.

DFresh31d ago

I’m just going to wait for the ultimate edition with all of the DLC, Expansion Packs and Graphics Upgrades.
Considering the meh reviews I’d pick it up for $20.

CobraKai31d ago

I picked mine up for $30 during the holidays. It’s actually good at that price. Fixing the last gen versions is time, money, and energy not going towards the next gen consoles.

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