Call of the Sea is coming to PS4 and PS5 next month

Call of the Sea official Twitter: "We are excited to announce that Call of the Sea is coming to PS4 and PS5 in May 2021!"

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Thundercat7725d ago

Never heard of this game before. Looks like the game where you are on an island solving puzzles in first person. Can't remember the name.

darthv7225d ago

It's been on xbox gamepass for a while. Pretty good too.

Dirtnapstor25d ago

Yep! That game was so innovatively good. Maybe CotS will fill the void left by The Witness?

TheRealTedCruz25d ago

It's a good time. Not typically my sort of experience, but they had it on gamepass, and it had solid reviews, so I gave it a shot.

Sayai jin25d ago

I did the same thin TheRealTedCruz.

purple10125d ago (Edited 25d ago )

The witness is the one you are thinking. Free when you buy a ps5 too

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Stanjara25d ago

What timing when The Witness is free on PSN.

Killer73nova25d ago

It’s a great game! Highly recommend!

cooperdnizzle25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

A great game? Played it on series x on game pass. If you like frame pacing issues every seconds, and little boxed in level design, with cell shaded graphics that look like they where done 10 years ago, with awkward walking controls, and an okay story.... than yeah go for it... i

Great game? Seriously I get people liking different things, but for anyone to say this is a great game is just completely weird to me.

I love and play all types of games, but when games like this and the medium get high praise from some people, it just makes me feel like the game industry is losing its way, and people don’t care... the two games I just mentioned don’t come close to where games should be going. Heck the medium couldn’t even get the basics down of an actual game... they went so far back from a gameplay perspective. Hey door is locked, check to the right oh there is the key.... Rinse and repeat.... missing a valve? Open this locker 10 feet away there ya go... Horrible game design from 20 years ago, and a huge fail in 2021.

And than back to this game, you can’t even walk 30 feet without the game stuttering over and over and screen tearing. With graphics like that it’s down right not good enough, let alone call it a great game....

Kerppamaister25d ago

You should write reviews for a living.

Hikoran25d ago

Hey, it might not be worded in the best way but he's right! How many times have you seen a trash game get 8's and 9/10's...LOADS.

DJStotty25d ago

Could have just said you did not like it, it would have been an easier read.

sho0ok_225d ago

Sheesh... Calm down man. It's an indie game.

Tacoboto25d ago

I played this a couple months ago on Series S - felt like a perfect 60fps. Some keys were also to the left and it had only one valve - you clearly didn't play this game, copperfizzle

Killer73nova25d ago

That’s your opinion. I had a good experience. It was a perfect game to just sit down and relax after a long day at work. It seems you didn’t have a good experience and that’s fine that’s your opinion. I will keep recommending games I believe are good.

To be a failed game would be the game doesn’t work or didn’t Live up to the expectations. A great example would be cyberpunk.

I think you gotta just calm down and enjoy the games you like and if you don’t stop playing it simple as that. That’s what games are about right?

TheGreatGazoo3025d ago

I played this on Series X as soon as it hit GamePass and had none of those frame rate or stuttering issues you discussed.

I thought most of the puzzles were well thought out and not nearly as simple as "key is just to your R.

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Tedakin25d ago

Very pretty game. Enjoy Sony gamers!

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