Ubisoft will pull the plug on Rainbow Six Vegas servers and nine other games later this year

Ubisoft is saying goodbye to some vintage Clancyverse games later this year.

Rainbow Six Vegas, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Rainbow Six Lockdown, and Ghost Recon Future Soldier will all see their online servers shut down, though any singleplayer content will still be available.

Any in-game rewards, redeemed items, achievements, and Ubisoft's proprietary currency will also be disabled. Yep, even if you've already redeemed items or unlocked them in-game, you'll no longer be able to access them on PC. There's no solid date for Ubi pulling the plug on these games yet, being given the vague window of 2021.

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cooperdnizzle25d ago

Wtf?? Game preservation? People these days...

GottaBjimmyb25d ago

I mean, the games are still playable, just no online servers. No?

CrimsonWing6925d ago

Depends, say it’s something like Outriders then without the servers you can’t get past the title screen.

anubusgold25d ago

There are 3rd party servers with programs you can use ubisoft has already killed online play for most of these games you will never find a match or it wont let you search but they still sell copies on amazon.

GottaBjimmyb25d ago

@crimson I am not saying Outriders, I am saying the games listed here.

Aquafiniac25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Honestly gamers now a days,
They want:
• new brand new games
• they want BC but has to be all boosted or else is trash
• they want to keep games online server up that no one is playing. Like honestly when was the last time you even played it.
• and more

They want all this but they want to pay less and they call Sony, MS and Nintendo Greedy.
Arnt you guys also being greedy?

Why keep a server up that cost money that no one is barely playing. Is time to move on.

ApocalypseShadow25d ago

Excellent aqua. Excellent.

That's how I see it. They have become entitled to have everything buy pay next to nothing.

Rude-ro25d ago

The comments are only due to the marketing of what one major company is trying to capitalize on to stay relevant.
Every real person knows the facts...
But the double standard that would come to light makes them sound redundant or that try to continue the jab at one company due to complete brainwashed marketing of their “murica” company.

Godmars29025d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Will concede on "boosted" BC, if you want old games then take them as they originally were, but then online and multiplayer, mobile gaming mentality or games as services, is what the industry wants. To be able to put something out, milk it for as long as there's excessive profit, then dump and repeat with something basically the same but higher priced. Literally the complaint with EA and sports titles.

You buy a book you own that book. Same should apply to video games yet, because of their base nonexistent volatile nature, it never has.

Master of Unlocking25d ago

You forgot one thing, that I think is paramount: gamers want the possibility to host online games, so they can play them online forever, in case precisely this happens. And it happens, and will keep happening, and we will keep being robbed of, at least a portion of our games, if not the whole game (MAG...), because for whatever reason devs constantly forget to implement that option that is found in a few games, like Warhawk on the PS3 for ex. which allows us to turn our console into an online server.

How hard can it be to do it across the board?

SenorFartCushion25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

They want everything, which is what they are entitled to.

When a TV show ends, you can buy it on dvd or stream it. Games are different in that servers are home-owned and cost money but AAA game companies make the most money from their games and from things they have no rights to sell I.e microtransactions.

Outside of the companies using their billions to pay for the servers, people who love the games are there to pay for servers instead, using their hard earned cash instead of the major faceless corporations who hate us and want to use us like batteries.

You have all the answers, you just need to see humans for humans and corporations for the human-like structures everybody else knows them to be.

Gamers deserved everything they ask for.

Christopher25d ago

***They want everything, which is what they are entitled to.***


SenorFartCushion25d ago

Ok so you mean yourself as well.

One bit about me: I’m charitable and help the less fortunate than myself as well as wanting decent rights for market consumers. (Ugh I sound like such a neoliberal scumbag) I mean that I pride myself on being nice and though most game players aren’t poor enough for me to care, they are absolutely the less fortunate base in terms of them vs the billion dollar businesses who used to have to give WAY WAY WAY more than they do now.

Skins were unlockables, now we pay for them alongside our $70 games.

Christopher25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Wanting decent rights does not equate to if someone wants something they are entitled to it.

And try and find a post where I also don't support game preservation. But there are limitations here, especially for online game elements.

Vits25d ago

• they want to keep games online server up that no one is playing. Like honestly when was the last time you even played it.

That is a issue that companies created for themselves by removing people ability to use private servers in most games. So I honestly don't think it is unfair to ask them to keep supporting the server or update the game to allow the use of private ones.

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nommers24d ago

I can understand servers needing to be taken offline eventually, but if you need to actually go online and connect in order to play any game offline then that's just crossing the line.

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EazyC25d ago

I love the R6 Vegas games. If they just updated that it's the only MP game I'd play

anast25d ago

Devastating for game preservation...

Knushwood Butt25d ago

MS should buy the rights and host the servers in Azure, all to bring Game Preservation to us all.

Muzikguy25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Those are the only Ubisoft games I like. Sure would be cool to get a remaster

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