BioShock Infinite Is Good, Actually

GameByte writers: "It's 2021, we're mid-pandemic and if I'm going to die on a hill, I'd like it to be this one: BioShock Infinite is good, actually."

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P_Bomb27d ago

Loved Bioshock. Miss Bioshock,

P_Bomb27d ago

Would you kindly make another, Ken?

Zeldafan6427d ago

Just d/l all three on the Switch last week for $20

Zeldafan6427d ago

Why am I getting a disagree? It's the truth

Yui_Suzumiya26d ago

Hell yes.. I own the BioShock Collection for PS4 and Switch. Amazing on both. Can't wait to see how the 4th game turns out!

neutralgamer199226d ago

Yes it has awesome moment to moment gameplay. Really enjoyed it but the last boss was kind of tedious

Tedakin27d ago

Wasn't it always good? What's this ACTUALLY stuff?

spicelicka27d ago

lmao yeah wtf is this opinion

SenorFartCushion27d ago

Guessing it’s an American who wrote the title.

spicelicka26d ago

That opinion is almost as dumb as the article. The game is literally made by an American and sold the most in America.

Concertoine27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I’m part of the school that thinks this game is not all its cracked up to be. I think its degenerative in terms of gameplay, fewer choices both in terms of narrative and in the gameplay loop. The shooting and encounters just dont feel satisfying, and thats 90% of what youre doing.

It lacks a great character like andrew ryan, Comstock is a generic villain without much personality. Elizabeth has an interesting backstory, but is just made to be likeable, which isnt interesting. The world building is worse than Bioshock 1.

Part of the problems is that the interviews and trailers built up a game that never delivered on its promises. There are no long term consequences for your actions as promised.

The one thing i’ll definitely give it, is it was weirdly prophetic on its politics. The game is very nihilistic, the only thing it says is that political extremes and opportunism (left or right) inevitably lead to failure. Feeling that rn lol

fewDankMemes27d ago

If you think comstock is a generic villain.. dude did you even finish the game

Concertoine26d ago (Edited 26d ago )


He is. Yes i know there is a plot twist, but just because Comstock is Booker doesn’t make him a compelling villain.

The problem with the twist redeeming the game is that the twist falls apart under its own logic. Why does killing Booker in this one instance kill off Comstock in all the other timelines?

I finished the game and initially liked the story as a whole, but the more i thought about it the less sense it made. Even so, it doesnt make up for the glaring gameplay issues. The plasmids suck compared to 1+2, the skylines dont reach full potential, the two weapon limit sucks, they repeat the Lady Comstock fight (which already sucks) 3 times.

thorstein26d ago

It was a good game but there were things that bothered me from a narrative perspective. 1st was the forced baptism really bothered me at the beginning.

Second was gamebreaking narrative that ripped me out of the experience and I had to give it a few days to go back: being in the transport with the woman in the nurse uniform. I unloaded clip after clip into her... she's invulnerable. I hit her with weapons and everything I had. Completely and totally invulnerable. I didn't trust her, I knew she was going to do something. I start up the transport and she smashes a molotov on her head and crashes the transport?! WTF? How? I just spent 5 minutes trying to decapitate her.

spicelicka26d ago

You're comparing it to your own imposed expectations though, which isn't being objective. How many games were there that even had the qualities of this game? During that generation the only real mature games/franchises were Mass effect, Last of Us, GTA I guess? Bioshock was an ambitious franchise and Infinite was an ambitious game that also had great gameplay.

CYALTR25d ago

It was my least favorite of the Bioshock games, but still an excellent game IMHO. I'd give it an 8 while the others were 9's in my book. Very much a matter of personal opinion. It was generally very well received and liked by most.

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sourOG26d ago

*walks to the hill everyone was already standing on*

Yeah, I’ll die on this one.

TimmyTesticles26d ago

dude's just retarded. carry on.

Fluke_Skywalker26d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. The game got very good reviews and was well received.

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isarai27d ago

Why are you acting like this is an unpopular opinion? it's one of the highest rated games of all time bro, currently sitting in the mid 90% on metacritic, and I remember hearing nothing but praise when it was released.

TheColbertinator27d ago

Best Bioshock game and that is not easy considering the series was great

XbladeTeddy26d ago

Wasn't a fan of Infinite. Loved the first one though.

Yui_Suzumiya26d ago

Loved all 3 equally but the ending of 3 left me speechless. The DLC was also beyond amazing.

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