Oddworld Soulstorm - how systems-driven graphics and gameplay deliver an unforgettable experience.

Oddworld Soulstorm - it's given away free as one of the April 2021 games for PS5 owners subscribed to PlayStation Plus. But how good is the game? What sets it apart from the norm and how have the developers pushed the Unity Engine? How do the PS4, PS4 Pro and PC versions stack up? You have questions, the Digital Foundry tech review has all the answers you need.

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iplay1up227d ago

This game is getting awful reviews. I will try it, because it is included with my subscription. If it were not I wouldn't touch it for more than $9.99!

purple10127d ago

72/100 metacritic.

I'd say mixed reviews. It's got some 10out of 10s even... But also some low marks. It's a 2,5d game. That may put some people off. But it scores marks back for art style. Plus it's oddworld... Come onnnn

waverider26d ago

Its a type of game that isnt for everybody. But this is one of the plus of Sony diversity. There are players for all types of games and not all must be blockbusters.

seanpitt2326d ago

It’s a love it or hate it type of game.. me personally never been a fan

Eidolon26d ago

Fan of the original on PS1, beat it as a child. Won't play it until I get a PS5 for the full experience(and because it's free). New N' Tasty was great, though.. Of course it could be a buggy mess or unbalanced, or have cookie cutter graphics, /etc. I'll try it months later when I finally am able to get my hands, reasonably, on a new gen Playstation and see for myself.

purple10126d ago

If anyone wants a ps5. .heres what I did ..

Sign up on Twitter, to 'PS5 stock alerts' or 'playstation 5 restock' or something similar.
(I did about 3 or 4). Follow those accounts.

Then go to your phone settings, make sure Twitter notifications are turned on and will bypass silent mode, do not disturb mode, etc.

Set Twitter to high priority. Push notifications or whichever it's called on your phone.

Wait till about 3am in the morning, when your phone starts bleeping and jump on Amazon or other retailer pronto!

Good luck..

( I had been looking in Uk for 2months, Using this method, I got one within a week)

rdgneoz325d ago

@Purple101 Twitter alerts for PS5 stock definitely helps you find the random drops at all hours of the day. Was able to get lucky one day when they were doing a bunch of drops with Walmart. Was able to add it to cart one round (but I couldn't check out) and then when the next round dropped, I was able to check out right away.

As for the game, on PS5 (free with PS+ this month) it looks and runs great so far (played the first 2 chapters or such).

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