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This is a mediocre, online-only shooter with the boring loot and passable but limited endgame for the full AAA price of 60 USD/EUR.

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SullysCigar8d ago

Sounds like a waste of potential for the developers and a waste of time for us gamers.


It’s actually a very fun game, albeit a little repetitive. There is a lot of room to customize your builds and the game is legitimately difficult if you keep the world tiers as high as they can be through the story. One of the hardest/most fun looter shooters I’ve gone through in a long time.

SenorFartCushion8d ago

Bulletstorm has a Kaiju boss fight in the middle for fun. This is a Destiny ripoff.

alb18998d ago

Metacritic of 79 and I think it is close to a 9 of 10. I'm enjoying it very much.

IamTylerDurden17d ago

Opencritic at 76 and it SHOULD be 10 points lower. This is Avengers and Anthem tier at best. The only difference is, those games had higher production values.

Outriders has pathetic production quality for a big money AAA. From lip syncing to animation work, to effects and abilities. Voice acting is mediocre, mission structure is repetitive, and the scale just looks like it was meant to be more.

Nothing is original. The inventory/character screen looks cut directly from Destiny. The setting and story are as cliche as it gets. We've seen it all before, and we've seen it done better. I'm not sure what exactly is influencing critics to score this game in the mid to high 70s, especially with broken servers.

Thing is, the servers could be flawless and it's still a piece of s***. The game itself is subpar and unoriginal regardless of servers. That's just a distraction from the severe mediocrity at hand.


Are u for real? What about it is spectacular? A 9 would indicate spectacular. The only things that are passable are the general shooting mechanics and Destiny inspired loot/loot menu. Visuals, powers, missions, melee, acting, models, lip syncing, servers, are all bad.

alb18997d ago

Maybe I have a lower standard than you but take it easy.....just opinions.


It’s not even close to avengers or anthem tier. It’s shooting mechanics for a third person shooter are phenomenal. I would say gears of war level phenomenal and that’s pretty far up there. It has a lot of depth and class customization options. Best game ever? No. The graphics suck and the animations are questionable. Also don’t care much for the world or environments. A 7.5 in my book for the gameplay alone. If you get a gameplay loop right, the whole game feels good. That’s what destiny did, and for me that’s what this game did. It is a lot more fun than you’re giving it credit for.

lonewolf108d ago

Not for us gamers, we are enjoying it, we must be different "us" gamers to you?

Jericho13378d ago

If this was a game you were interested in, you’d be calling the reviewer out. Funny how the perception is completely different here.

rockwhynot8d ago

The gameplay is fun, lots of gore, and looting is satisfying. Simple gamers rejoice. Also the animations, score and graphics are solid.

IamTylerDurden17d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Core shooting is solid, no doubt. Not spectacular or original, but solid. The loot/loot menu is also decent. It's very much pulled from Destiny, which has excellent loot. However, those are the only two aspects with any credibility. The rest is slop.

Graphics and animations are not solid. Playing on PS5, it looks like an early PS4 game with a PS4 Pro resolution patch. Textures are average, character models are low end, foliage is flat, lip syncing is laughable, hair is bad, and animation work is mediocre. Effects aren't even impressive. The one feature I expected to be impressive, powers, were not. In fact, using the pyro character had me in awe of how terrible his stock abilities looked and felt. Spamming that garbage open hand melee animation over n over while waiting to cast the PS3 quality line of fire at mid ranged foes. It all truly looked bad, and felt unspectacular. In a AA RPG from Spiders I get it, but not here. And if the loop was satisfying and the combat spectacular, I could dig it, but I hated it. It was the exact same way i felt after playing Avengers, but at least that pile had Iron Man...This crap had generic sci fi grunts and X-Men style mutants. Or Conduits from Infamous. Defiance. U name it. Even the storms almost seem as if they were taken from Anthem. Alien electrical storm activates mutant gene creating superhumans. Humanities last hope, hostile alien world. Space Marines, cryo, mutant powers. This shit been old a decade ago.

TheRealTedCruz8d ago

Solid sales. Solid Steam active users. Solid reviews. Also has gamepass helping its playerbase.

This no name review site gave it a negative review though, and that's what matters. :^)

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SharnOfTheDEAD8d ago

I think the only reason why the game has had good reception is it was free on Game Pass. The people who aren't enjoying it seem to be the ones who paid for it from what I've seen.

Elda8d ago

I paid full price...I'm about 10 hrs in & I'm enjoying it so far.

Hellcat20208d ago

I Paid full price for ps5 version even though I have gamepass on my X and I'm loving everything about it
It's great solo and with friends

victorMaje8d ago

Just finished the main campaign on PS5 & had a lot of fun. Will be playing the expeditions next.
IMO It’s a very strong 7. The sound & graphics are not amazing but it has a nice story, fun gameplay, great weapon & armor modding system & some of the best looking weapons & legendaries I’ve seen in a while.

Father__Merrin8d ago

I dunno visuals are very solid looking and crisp

Zhipp8d ago

Game journalists rarely ever pay for their own copy so gamepass would have no influence on their scores either way.

Also, being free on gamepass didn't magically make people like Crackdown 3 nor Sea of Thieves at launch. Those games were ripped apart regardless.

lonewolf108d ago

I paid for mine on Steam and feel like I got my monies worth and enjoyment out of it, you might need to look in more places.

Gaming4Life19818d ago

I just started the game but im enjoying it so far and that has nothing to do with gamepass. Some people are enjoying the game and some arent and that is nothing new.

If you or others dont like it thats fair but outriders is not a bad game. Its alot of people who are enjoying the game and thats all that matters.

Shiro1738d ago

Paid full price on ps5 and I'm loving it since the demo. Put over 100 hours already.

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Nofamboyism8d ago

wth this is no where near a 5/10 ...but hey opinions.... Objectively scoring it i would give it 7/8 with scope for more once i finish it. And this is without comparing it to other “similar” games. Judging it on its own merit. If i was to compare then i would actually score it higher for a looter shooter as it does a lot of things different in many positive ways

jts18918d ago

This is the same site that gave Cyberpunk an 8/10. They aren't exactly on top of things.

Beekay838d ago

Either you like a «nice» looter’shooter or you dont. If you dont like these types of games then this is not for you. It’s very newbie friendly but if you have played a few games of the same type, you will then quickly see that this game doesnt offer much after endgame. But hey it’s still fun for me.

Oeazy3058d ago

79 on metacritic this game has been surprisingly fun.

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