Gametrailers: Killzone 2 - Tech Interview HD

Get a look at the technology that brings this game to life.

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reincarnated5169d ago

simply a sight to behold.

Kyur4ThePain5169d ago

Watching that just sent chills down my spine.


I hope they use this engine for other games as well.

cmrbe5169d ago

I am sure they will use a modify version of this engine for alot of PS exclusives. GoW3 is most likely using this engine as well.

Sony are smart with investing alot in this game/engine.

mcm5169d ago

I was just thinking the same thing right before I read your comment.
I want to see that engine being used on a mario styled platform game. Something different and unexpected. I'm sure with that engine a platformer would indeed be pixar quality? Not exactly but close enough.

SleekDeF5169d ago

2009 is the year of b3yond

WANNA GET HIGH5169d ago (Edited 5169d ago )


"Cash rules any every thing around me cream get the money dollar dollar bills yall" ;-D

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