The Best Video Game Controllers

From some of the controllers that defined gaming for decades to come to some of the newest available, here are our picks for the best game controllers ever.

darthv72781d ago

My favorite is the 360 pad, even though xbox one (and series) is an evolution of it... the 360 is still the most comfortable for me.

RazzerRedux779d ago

For me, I think DualSense is tied with Elite Series 2 controller. Both are very comfortable. Elite Series 2 has the back buttons while DualSense has the touch pad and haptics. Great controllers in their own way.

darthv72779d ago

I do like the improvements the dualsense has made and I hope to have my own soon enough. I've only experienced it at my buddy's house with astro but that is one hell of a way to experience it.

Magog780d ago

Seriously terrible list. DUALSENSE has a TouchPad, adaptive triggers, haptics and gyro aiming. Xbox pad has none of those.

Tacoboto779d ago

I don't fully agree (offset sticks of the Xbox and Nintendo controllers ftw), but... "While not a massive departure in form from the DualShock 4"... what kind of thinking did these people have? The DS4 is way closer to previous designs than the DualSense is to anything they've done before.

Combined with adaptive triggers and haptics, it's easily my third-favorite controller.

Melankolis780d ago

I'm still confused using Xbox Gamepad just because it has reversed buttons to Nintendo's controller conventional placement (Xbox->ABXY, Nintendo->BAYX). If playing on Xbox, when a game has QTE's, i always gets nervous suddenly. SNES's button placement stuck in my head even for now.

Kerppamaister780d ago

I swear if Tac-2 isn't there it isn't there


Atari 2600s pad is awesome for Mrs. Pacman and Donky Kong. I restored a 2600 last year to experience playing it for the first time with my 11 year old son.

great memory's were made. Highly recommend

darthv72779d ago

Classic stick and single button... yes. I also like that you can use a genesis pad if you want on a 2600.

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