TTH: Exclusive Interview with Mark Kern - Talking Tabula Rasa, Science Fiction, and Consoles

Ten Ton Hammer: "Predicting the future is nigh impossible for any competent video game analyst let alone the average MMOG player. We've seen our games come and go, eager to try out the latest and greatest on the list, but it seems like despite our best intentions, nothing ever goes as planned. A great example of that fact this past year was the announced closure of Tabula Rasa, the cancellation of Marvel Universe Online, and the varied issues that Age of Conan faced after its release.

However, there are people in the industry who happen to have a solid grasp of the MMOG markeplace, and one of them happens to be Red 5's newly announced Chief Creative Officer, Mark Kern. After helping to push World of Warcraft out the door and into the arms of millions, Kern has now founded his own studio and recently moved into the CCO position to drive the creative vision for the game and any future upcoming titles from the studio.

Just before Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to chat with Mark about their teams progress with the upcoming MMOG, but I also picked his brain on a number of other issues including the closure of Tabula Rasa and Flagship Studios, console gaming, and the future of the science fiction genre in MMOGs."

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