The Elder Scrolls Online Console Enhanced Preview Looks Gorgeous

Andrew m writes: "Check out Bethesda Softworks' brand new preview for their upcoming console enhanced version of Elder Scrolls Online right here."

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NeoGamer2325d ago

Really all they are doing here is taking the 4k assets from PC and porting them to console. To me, this is just expected.

OptimusDK5d ago

this is not just textures - did you even see it?

NeoGamer2324d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Yes, I did. They took the assets they had from PC and applied them to console. Notice there was no comparison on 4K Pc to 4K console. That is because they are pretty much the same.

Also, read my comment. It was not textures. Assets includes all graphical assets not just textures. The assets were just too detailed for the previous consoles. All they have done is copy those assets into the console games from the PC version. If it was more, it would've taken them a lot longer to make happen.

Spenok3d ago


It's really not that amazing of an upgrade. It's nice don't get me wrong, but the title still looks like it was mostly designed for the PS3/360. Because it was.