Blasphemous Receiving a Physical Deluxe Edition for Retail

Blasphemous is getting a new physical Deluxe Edition that is set for retail. It will go on sale this summer and include a lot of goodies for fans of the game.

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Rambokind5d ago

Great game with an extremely depressing, darkly ritualistic story. It's fun to play, but hits you hard when you get to the ending(s).

MetroidFREAK215d ago

Fantastic! I missed out on the Limited Run Games preorder window, so I'll be sure to get it this time

Highrevz5d ago

“sorrowful be the heart, penitent one“

It’s a shame the comic Included isn’t physical but it’s still a great game and I hope it sells well for them

VerminSC5d ago

Will I like it if I like Souls games and dead cells but don’t like games like hollow knight and Ori?

Highrevz5d ago

the environments, bosses and lore feel souls like but apparent from that and learning the enemies moves they are not much alike. It’s hard comparing 2d-3d.
It’s a Metroidvania but fairly linear compared to Hollow Knight. The speed and combat is slower compared to dead cells.

If you want a challenge with dark themes and environments I’d say go for it. The game uses Spanish religion as it’s main focus and that’s something I would never of been interested in but it fits the incredibly well. I have to give props to the developers for having a wild idea and sticking to it rather then catering to what the casual gamers would want.

VerminSC5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Thanks for the reply. I really like the style, and it looks good. I just hate backtracking in games. If it’s challenging and has good combat I’m sure I’ll like it. Is there loot, leveling up, skill trees?

Highrevz5d ago

This game had a lot of backtracking, it’s a Metroidvania at heart so that’s to be expected to some extent. Updates have added a lot of fast travel systems since the game launched but it’s still exploration heavy so it might not be for you.

There’s lots of collectables, upgrades and a skill tree. There’s a few NG+ modes that force you to play a little different each time which I really enjoyed.