Mod for Mafia: Definitive Edition brings back public transport in the game

Back Story: Steam users have been asking developers for months to add gangsters and public transport to Mafia: Definitive Edition (which were available back in the original 2002 game), but the developers completely ignored their requests.

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787d ago
soundoffreedom787d ago

There are already quite a lot of interesting mods for this game. The graphics have been remestered, I think it's worth experiencing this adventure again :-)
I didn't finish the whole thing before, I wasn't able to finish the race

Master of Unlocking786d ago

That's one thing that was in the original game, even the PS2 port I played back then, that was sorely missing in the remake I own on PS4. I'm gonna have to build myself a serious gamer's PC one day, and rebuy some of the games I have on console to play with mods...