Swords of Legends Online MMO, Based on Gujian Series, Is Westbound Later This Year

A new PC MMORPG titled Swords of Legends Online and based on the Gujian series will be released this year in North/Latin America and Europe.

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Vits75d ago

I don't normally care for MMOs. Especially Asian MMOs. But I have to say that it being based on the Gujian series really piqued my interest. That third game in that franchise was one of the best RPG that I played in the last couple of years and the sheer amount of lore that the series have is amazing.

If it offer a trial period I will definitely check this out. And who knows? It might not be a grinding mess with premium itens galore like the other 99% of asian MMOs....

How I wish they would just translate the first two games on the series.

Alexious75d ago

It's an interesting one, indeed.