RUNNER by Truant Pixel Announced for the PSVR 2

"Take control of your motorcycle in RUNNER as you weave in-and-out of traffic at breakneck speeds while fending off waves of enemy attackers.Action punctuated by an original and dynamic music system set to an incredible throwback soundtrack composed by Fat Bard."

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Abnor_Mal204d ago

I like the 80s look of the games graphics, seems interesting, I need to keep an eye on this game.

nv0s204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Looks sweet, reminds me of the FF7 Bike Minigame too which is never a bad thing.

Deathdeliverer204d ago

That old school anime feel has been captured. Day one for me.

Einhander1971203d ago

Looks promising, getting Road blaster FX vibes from mega CD.