Metroid Prime 2D fan game gets a free demo

Team SCU has released a free demo for its upcoming fan game based on Metroid Prime, Prime 2D.

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NecrumOddBoy167d ago

Nintendo Lawyer Deployment Engaging Time Now!

Looks real good and Godspeed Team SCU.

Terry_B166d ago

Do these people never learn from the mistakes of others? They are even worse than Geese in that regard.

Double_O_Revan166d ago

"Team SCU has been working on this project for around 15 years."

15 years is a long time, and I've never heard of this mod. And you know what? It should've stayed that way. You wanna piss away 15 years of hard work on your fan project based on a Nintendo game?! This is exactly how you do it. By doing something that brings your project into light and headlines.

No matter how many times people do this, they never learn. You keep quiet, finish it and just release it.

plmkoh166d ago

Wow this looks amazing. Will be shut down for sure.

XxINFERNUSxX166d ago

Now if they are smart this is all they will show. Stop now, finish the game, then say fuck you to Nintendo, upload your work to a torrent site then it will never be taken away 😁. Even better host all your demos using the Tor Browser onion links on the dark web this is the correct way to make fan games. Can you imagine if all these people did it this way how many fan games we would have to play? We would be in heaven lol. And no one would stop them, you think any company would bother to try with so much worse shit up there still going, I highly think not.

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