Forget FF7, Final Fantasy VI demands a remake

TSA writes: "If the rampant success of Final Fantasy VII Remake wasn’t enough, we now have a beefed up PS5 version on the way, a new story DLC starring Yuffie, and two recently announced mobile spin-offs in the pipeline. We’re in a state of FF7 mania and while it’s easy to get caught up in it all, we’re hoping that Square Enix will know when to apply the brakes before steering fans into an all too familiar state of fatigue."

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Lord_Sloth671d ago

Ever notice how FF6 fans never talk about how good the game is on it's own, but instead just complain about how bad they think FF7 is in comparison? You actually CAN promote a game you love without dissing another game. It isn't a competition.

Sephiroushin671d ago

They're always downplaying FFVII to make FFVI feel like a better game!

Dunno why they don't just stop it, it will never ever be more popular and the popularity is what would make SE do a remake od FFVI (they would probably remaster 13 before remaking 6) ...

bouzebbal671d ago

Ff6 definitely does need a remake.. I think all FF from 1 to 9 deserve it.. They're all great.. It's from ffx the series started not to be for everyone

-Foxtrot671d ago

Not really, a lot of FFVI fans state how they love the game and that's pretty much it, probably go far to say it's underrated which is technically is.

What about FF7 die hard fans anyway? They shit on any other FF game and hail it as the best at like everything, gameplay, music, characters, story, world, villains etc, when really there's other FF games that do certain things better. I mean look how much shit FF8 got, the nitpicking because people at the time expected FF7-2 and Clouds return.

jambola671d ago

funny how you say not really but then basically do the thing he says people do lol

-Foxtrot671d ago


But I’m not shitting on any game am I

Just calling hypocrisy amongst fans

jambola670d ago

hypocrisy is only there if it's the same person saying both things

enkiduxiv671d ago

Weird. I always figured fans of VI also loved VII and IX just not as much. That's the way I thought about it. Back in the day I was obsessed with VII. I like VI and IX a little better now, but VII is still a fantastic game in my mind.

FreeFallFrenzy671d ago

It's because they secretly know that Kefka is a crappy one-dimensional villain and needs to justify it by bashing the much more popular game that came after it that revolutionized the RPG genre. With that said, FFVI overall is a great game. Great and fun protagonists!

enkiduxiv670d ago

Kefka is basically just a ripoff of the Joker, but his nihilistic behavior is supported by his backstory. I don't really think of him as any more or less fleshed out than other Final Fantasy villains.

I have heard people talk about how relatable and realistic Sephiroth is for years now. I don't really agree. I guess he showed some emotion at Nibelheim but it's hard to justify a character arch that goes from war hero to genocidal maniac after one earth shattering revelation. SPOILER ALERT: Also, a super powerful being trying to ascend to godhood is probably the least relatable character idea out there. It's also unclear how much of a pawn for Jenova he really is.

In IV, V, VIII, and even X you really don't get any character motivation for the big bad. There are some other bad guys that get some development, but none of them prove to be the real threat.

Kuja in Final Fantasy IX is probably the most relatable of the classic Final Fantasy villains, even if his struggle to accept his mortality is a bit cliche it's at least fundamental to the human condition.

ManMarmalade671d ago

6 has always been my favourite, but i also love all the other mainline entries (with the exception of xiii).

Atom666671d ago

FF6 is my favorite in the series. Kefka is still one of the best villains the series has ever had, and the mixed relationships between the characters has kind of been lost in more modern jrpgs.

Never say never. Some of us just live VI and want it to get the attention it deserves.

VileAndVicious670d ago

For me 6 and 9 are interchangable with each other depending on my mood. But I do relatively enjoy both games more than I do 7.

Sayai jin671d ago

I keep seeing people saying no wants to play old games. Not even enhanced ones.

djl3485670d ago

Ever notice how that is not true and you're full of shit?

goldwyncq670d ago

It's funny how FFVI fanboys have this massive inferiority complex towards FFVII whenever talking about their game.

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bRuud83671d ago

No, FFX and FFX-2 demands a remake and after that they need to make FFX-3

Wolfofmiibu123671d ago

I would love an FFX Remake in the style of VIIR. X-2 and X-3 not so much.

SDuck671d ago

FFX isn't a priority, the game's graphics are still acceptable. X-2 isn't worthy of a remake (maybe it is just to see Rikku in 4k).

jznrpg671d ago

6,8,9 for me . X looks good still

_Decadent_Descent670d ago

10 was garbage. Cheesy teeny-boppin characters and story.

blackblades670d ago

No I say, chronic trigger and the FF games that has the above camera should get a remake into today's quality. That also goes for DQ games to and anyother classics.

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Harkins1721671d ago

How about let's finish ff7 first

MadLad671d ago

2032 isn't that far off.

Godmars290671d ago

Boy you're optimistic.

Either that, or you meant to type "2132".

Harkins1721671d ago

Took 5 years for part 1. So 2032 is killer.

IamTylerDurden1671d ago

Right because seven remake took 12 years...

In actuality the wait for seven remake wasn't that bad considering square enix had to chuck all of CyberConnect's work in 2017 and take over internally. Development on the game started late 2015, so, 4 and a half years total, but actually more like 3 due to dropping CyberConnect. Either way, it's not horrendous. 4.5 years is a bit long, but surely SE has Unreal Engine down pat, the story set, and assets ready to reuse. I'd honestly predict 2023-2024 at worst. In the mean time FFXVI is coming next year.

Godmars290671d ago

"the story set"

If only I could blast your speakers to "20".

Forget "11".

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metalhead671d ago

I swear to jeebus, the boner some gamers have for this game is stronger than the attendees at the Adult Entertainment Expo

Father__Merrin671d ago

The only reason why final fantasy 6 is hailed for a remake is because it was Nintendo exclusive on the snes...

Nintendo fans hail FF6 but cry fowl on all other FF's to come after it as they feel its thier game lol....

You will often find people say "final fantasy died after 6" absolutely laughable....

FF8 is the one that needs full remake the game is huge

Michiel1989671d ago

ff6 released on ps1 as well bro ;)

MadLad671d ago

Let him have his moment lol.

Sephiroushin671d ago

Complete FFVII Remake first then maybe FFX-3 then maybe after agree but as long as they get rid or revamp the junction system !

671d ago
Sephiroushin670d ago (Edited 670d ago )


So because FFX-2 was bad it means X-3 needs to be bad and wth it doesn't need to be cheesy (actually why x-2 was bad), like it or not they are thinking about X-3
We all know why x-2 was bad in the 1st place so it could be changed easily!

I just know FF6 wont be next or soon, as I said they 1st remaster 13 before touching 6 and obviously they will end ff7 remake 1st!
People are blind, don't you see that ff7 is super ultra popular and that's the only reason why its even on our soups!
2 more games were announced, and they were VII... are they crap ? dunno? mobile not my style, still they're VII not VI or anything else; I will repeat it again FFVI wont be as popular as VII so it will never ever has the same treatment!