inFAMOUS Second Son: Revisited

Dan Rizzo of DashGamer revisits inFamous Second Son, Seven years later; "I’m elated that I managed to revisit this awesome platformer, it gave me real perspective in how quality development from respectable studios that show passion in their projects go a long, long way. The title lead a revolution in the industry, with great confidence that it would outlast and carry the inFamous franchise above Sony’s growing fundamentals with respect and integrity."

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darthv7233d ago

Infamous is such a fun series. I hope SP returns to it at some point.

IRetrouk33d ago

I would really like a followup with Cole, but I'd also like a follow up to delsins evil story too, man was about to get him whole army's worth of powers lol

SyntheticForm32d ago

I enjoyed Second Son, but I missed Cole's powers - specifically car throwing. I thought Infamous 2 was more fun in general.

IRetrouk32d ago

I enjoyed them all to be fair, I agree though, second one was the best.

Tiqila32d ago

I enjoyed them all, but story wise, the first is unmatched.

P_Bomb32d ago

Dug the twist at the end with Kessler.

SDuck32d ago

If PS keeps the trend of porting old titles to PC, I certainly wouldn't mind Infamous to be next

IRetrouk32d ago

Thats not a bad shout at all, open the game to more gamers, could even lead to a call for a new one.

ocelot0732d ago

Most likely be knack 🤣

BrainSyphoned32d ago

I unfortunately played with Delsin as the good guy first and now I can't keep engaged in an evil play through.

IRetrouk32d ago

I did evil first and the good lol

ocelot0732d ago

Loved all 3 infamous games. Only one I never completed or get into was the stand alone dlc festival of blood.