Nintendo is Manipulating Us

Nintendo has used artificial scarcity to sell products, but now they're doing it digitally.

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_SilverHawk_44d ago

Nintendo can only manipulate people that supports their foolishness. Stop supporting rubbish and you'll be ok. If an utter rubbish game like skyward sword can sell ridiculous amount on switch for full price even though it's very old then Nintendo will continue doing things like that

anonymousfan44d ago

I do love their games... And unless I pirate them there isnt a whole lot I can do other than to suffer their terrible business model...

Aussiesummer44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Certified idiocy.

zacfoldor44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

I'm not worried about it myself. Buy their products or don't buy them. It is a straightforward and simple decision. Everybody deserves an opinion and I'm okay with people being upset and talking about it.

I will continue to buy them based on my enjoyment of the content, and not let business practices deter me in any way. The Disney Vault existed yet I still enjoyed and enjoy Disney content. In fact I love the Mandalorian, and nothing much(within reason) Disney could do to make me not want to see Season 3.

When I set down with my controller in the evening to relax and play, I don't remember about business practices or the big 3 or fanboyism or any of that junk, and just enjoy my play time. I LOVE Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, and I'll continue to enjoy it. If Switch Pro exists and comes out, I'll buy that too.

As for Skyward Sword, it isn't rubbish. It may not be the best Zelda(imo), but it is leaps ahead of most junk they sell out there, again imo. I may pick it up if they do some changes.

remixx11644d ago

The problem with this mentality is that it doesn't incentivize ninty to improve on their poor business practices

FlavorLav0144d ago

No, Nintendo manipulates non-attentive parents and ADD children with their style games. Won’t be stopped as long as you have an army of kids that want your [email protected]

Tiqila40d ago

You make no sense. I'm a parent and I love playing Nintendo games with my children. There is nothing that comes even close on other consoles or PC.

Christopher44d ago

Yup. As a friend said, they're doing the same thing Disney does with their Vault. But, honestly, I see this really no different than their reluctance to lower the price on games within the first 2+ years (if ever for some titles). I just don't even bother because it's not like the competition doesn't offer everything I need and want in gaming options. But, some people, can't live without those Nintendo IPs and that's fine as well. I think they understand the beast they're in bed with.

PrimeVinister44d ago

Definitely. Nintendo have something people can't get elsewhere and a broad fanbase who are happy to pay for it.

Tacoboto44d ago

As crappy as the situation is - full-price 3D All Stars gave me 35 hours of fun in just Sunshine + Galaxy. Less than $0.50/hour.

TLOU2 and GoT I got the collector's editions; whatever they cost I know dollar/hour spent is way more than what the Mario package's true cost came out to be.

Nintendo has Disney-level influence and the fan base to back it up. If people are having fun, that matters most, and people who buy collector's editions that cost 2-3x what a normal game costs (like myself) have no room to talk about scarcity or what games should be priced at.

remixx11644d ago


You can't compare value of a game to hours spent playing that game. For starters the games that you mentioned are newly released and are way more polished and way more technically demanding than three unbelievably old games that were half-assed ported to new hardware priced at the price of a full game and given a limited release to force FOMO.

You saying $0.50 an hour just sounds like shilling to be honest because you're trying to create a metric where Nintendo's poor business practices seem justifiable. In all actuality they didn't really give a shit and this is one of the collections I've ever seen. And to create one of the worst situations of artificial scarcity ever just makes it even more pitiful.

But people will do anything they can to justify their decisions.

phoenixwing44d ago

I thought the same about the vault when they announced the window of availability. Wouldn't even surprise me if they ripped the whole idea off of disney.

FinalFantasyFanatic44d ago

I mainly just buy the Nintendo exclusives now, the majority of 3rd party games are cheaper everywhere else and alot of the time I go forgo portability, really wish they weren't dicks about the pricing and availability of their games.

JustTheFax44d ago

Yup, I told my buddy earlier that they are following the disney model too. They are even opening theme park stuff!

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Terry_B44d ago

They manipulated me indeed. The last Nintendo console I bought was the Gamecube.

Einhander197144d ago

The bottom line is, if you don't like the way Nintendo do things, don't buy stuff they produce. But obviously your the minority i love Nintendo and will continue to do so. Stop your moaning and move on.

Duke1944d ago

My Switch has been a total waste of money compared to my PS4 for my gaming habits. The few times I have actually taken advantage of its mobile capabilities were NOT worth the $300 purchase price and crazy amount of $$ for the few good first party games this gen.

Im refusing to pay for their overpriced rehashes anymore and sure am not buying because they are artificially removing available games lol

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