TVG: Chocobo's Dungeon Review


"Chocobo's Dungeon also sports a sensible use of the Wii mote. Because the dungeons are essentially grid based, using the d-pad to move around feels very natural and leaves the other buttons free to navigate the menu's. In the inventory screen, a shake of the Wii mote will organise all the items - this is the only use of the motion sensing in the main game and doesn't interfere with the gameplay.

A high graphical standard is maintained throughout this game, and although it doesn't push the graphical boundaries of the Wii, there is plenty of colourful graphics and a nice warm aesthetic quality. The voice acting in this game very quickly becomes annoying due to the slow, patronising speaking speed. This irritable quality also carries over to the cutscenes (though thankfully they are skippable). Keen Final Fantasy fans will recognise returning musical themes from previous games, the most obvious being the chocobo theme itself amongst others."

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