EMA: Digital Downloads won't match retail until 2015, at least

Internet connections are getting faster and faster every year, digital downloading services are raking it in hand over fist, and a growing number of games are choosing to release without the benefit of a retail component.

Most recently, the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Network have provided the impetus for even greater leaps and bounds in the growth of the digital downloading industry.

All these things considered, it's easy to assume that retail may very well become a thing of the past very soon.

Not quite, says Bo Andersen, President and CEO of the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA).

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Dark_Overlord3698d ago

The day DD are required for consoles and there is no boxed version available, is the day I quit gaming. I love my boxart, manual and disc

Parapraxis3698d ago

DD is a good compliment to physical copies, but I don't think it'll ever replace them.
"virtual" content has no resale value and cannot be shared physically (only copies).
Here's an analogy.
Say you were offered an actual 100$ bill you can hold in your hands or 100$ worth of stocks. Which would you choose?

LokMessier3698d ago

I don't think Digital Downloads will ever replace boxed copies, mainly because their are a lot of companies out their who think it's real cute to cap downloads. Until that problem is remedied and everyone finds it more convenient then boxed copies will still be good. Plus if you don't like it you can return the boxed copy, I don't think/I don't know [though I'm certain] you can't return a Digital Download