The Worst Crash Bandicoot Game Just Launched

It's just an attempt at a money sink and an obsolete one at that.

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Retroman117d ago

How do you know it is the Worst Crash game?? Until you receive gamers review of Bad score on Metacritic it's only your personal opinion.

Sonic-and-Crash117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

after the Remakes (which had some success because of the Sony s ill descision to give for free the blueprints of original games) ...Crash starts again its downfall to its previous crap Activision reality

Retroman115d ago

Sorry, did not know this is a mobile game .

Thanks for your input

MaximusPrime_117d ago

I installed, played and uninstalled within 10 mins. A record. Yes it's that appalling.

roadkillers117d ago

I have it installed. Giving it a shot after work

Tacoboto117d ago

It's quick and fun for a few minutes here and there. Crash at least acts and moves like Crash, but damn it's a predatory game.

Launch the app - special deal! $2.99 bundle
Beat a level - another special!
! icon on the overworld screen - the special deals you saw earlier, pinned to the screen
Minimum 1 minute recharge times for vials you need for the next run, but you can use crystals to speed it up, and then buy more crystals for real money! Or just buy a resource pack for $3.99 that takes 5 minutes to earn in-game.
Double your resources in a run, just watch a 30 second ad!

They even have monthly subscriptions for resources. They nail the look and feel and animations, so for free - sure, go ahead and download it. But goodness, it's belligerently exploitative.

SoulWarrior117d ago

It's from King, can't say I'm susprised it's a gated, MT filled PoS.

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