Death Stranding Sequel is inevitable - Dash Gamer Podcast

With Kojima, his producers and lead composer teasing a reveal, DASH and Ryan discuss a potential Death Stranding Sequel, whether it be canonical or not. Fact is, Kojima is set to release another "Strand" game, and it could be revealed within the next 24 hours.

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jukins45d ago

Dont hype me!!! It was a Rollercoaster for me and this game hype on the reveal,nervous after reviews, still bought collectors edition, confused at first then it just all clicked about 10 missions in. This game is something special all around i can only hope for more

Tiqila45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I don't think there will be a part 2 and I also would prefer another original title. Still I'm very hyped. Kojima is on fire.

44d ago
fitofficial44d ago

It'll fail to deliver like the first one.

Applejack44d ago

I...think I see what you did there.

fitofficial44d ago

I thought it was a decent joke in context. Maybe Kojima fans are a bit too FRAGILE.

Vanfernal44d ago

I genuinely enjoyed Death Stranding but I was EXHAUSTED by the time I beat it. And it's by design. This game is about overcoming hardships. I'm glad I played it, but I don't think I would enjoy doing something like that again. XD

VoiceOfUnreason44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Guys, keep in mind what day it is today....

PSX-9444d ago

Damn, this is why I usually stay offline on April 1st. Oh well that was a good one must admit.

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