Total War: Rome Remastered Trailer Compares Graphics With the Beloved Original Game

Today Creative Assembly released a new trailer of the upcoming strategy game Total War: Rome Remastered, coming soon to a PC near you.

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RaidenBlack124d ago

Now that's good Remastering effort.

Skate-AK123d ago

Showing Blizzard how it's done.

Software_Lover123d ago

This was the game that got me into PC gaming back in the day. I still have my discs and I bought the digital version on Steam.

ikarodemon123d ago

Great game. However, I expected more improvements in this remaster. The buildings could be much better with more polygons. More variety in vegetation and the terrain could benefit from modern tech like a Heightmap to get small variations and not be so flat. But at last we have new human models that are great.

Software_Lover123d ago

I agree. I do not see a big difference, but there effort is appreciated.

XbladeTeddy122d ago

Loved this game, will certainly be buying it. I hope they've attempted to tweak the AI though, it was never great in this.