Pavlov Shack is announced as PSVR 2 game

Sony has not yet announced which games will be available on the Playstation VR 2, but thanks to another studio we have the official announcement of the first game for this platform. It will be the military shooter Pavlov Shack, a refreshed version of the game Pavlov published in 2017.

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PSVRking38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Wrong. That would be Hellsplit: Arena.

ApocalypseShadow38d ago

Who cares what game was announced first. It means Sony's headset is real and is coming. Going against the lies of the naysayers saying Sony was done with VR on console.

The proof in the controllers and the developers making games for it say otherwise. And I love when liers are proven wrong. Next gen VR is going to be amazing on PS5.

Keep the announcements coming.

1nsomniac37d ago

Why do you keep repeating that people were saying Sony was done with PSVR? I've never heard anyone say that and it's very clear from Sony's position as the front runner in the VR industry that they would never just abandon it While they hold the biggest market share. That doesn't even make any sense.... Who are these naysayers??

ApocalypseShadow37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Do you play PSVR? Were you reading comments on YouTube and Reddit VR and VR game sites? No? Then you don't know what you are talking about.

Gamers were also taking Jim Ryan's words out of context in an interview weeks back when he was talking about mass acceptance of VR in that it will take time. Gamers took his words about VR last year and this year as there being no new PlayStation headset coming.

But what do you know? You're an Xbox guy that didn't get "high fidelity VR" after the CEO lied to you to sell you an Xbox one x. And when it didn't sell as high as he hoped on graphics but no first party support, he backed off stating it's all about wireless headsets.

Sony is making moves in supporting a new platform. The TRILLION dollar company can't even try besides not even making games for all those VR headsets they partnered with PC manufacturers. How was Windows headsets supposed to sell with no games? Lol!

1nsomniac37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Yes I do play PSVR (I have a V1) also have the majority of released VR games. I keep up to date with gaming news daily but no, I pay absolutely no attention to either YouTube comments or Reddit. For good reason, which I assume we’re all aware of.

That’s the problem with society these days. Too willing to ignore common sense because some “influencer” said so and no one can even be arsed to stop and think about it for 2 seconds.

There was never any chance whatsoever Sony was going to ditch PSVR at this stage. No matter which angle you look at it. It would be fundamentally stupid on ever level. They are the market share leader in an up and coming market. The argument has to make logical sense and this argument never did. I guess that’s why so few people ever believed it and why no one else has heard Sony was thinking of pulling the plug.

ActualWhiteMan37d ago


- fanboy with PSVR in avatar.

SullysCigar37d ago

C'mon man, he's just excited for the next VR headset - and in fairness, there were people saying PSVR would go the way of the Vita and be ditched by Sony.

Pavlov being announced is huge news, as it's one of the best loved games on PC VR, but OG PS4 wasn't quite capable of running it, according to the developers.

ApocalypseShadow37d ago

Says the weak individual that can't counter the comment with any facts.

This game and many games unannounced are going to floor gamers. No controller, no power, no last gen system is going to hold back this one.

The naysayers are just upset that Sony has been successful and is releasing another headset that will have tons of games like this one.

DJStotty37d ago


1 - VR was never announced for any xbox, nor was it promised at any stage. (you may be thinking about AR - 2 different headsets)

2 - Why would xbox gamers be upset about something they have never had?

3 - How are Sony going to promote to the current VR adopters (after all, they would be primarily the audience for pre-orders etc) that they have to buy another headset, after paying £260 for PSVR1?

What does PSVR2 do that PSVR1 can not? I just think it may be a tough sell, especially for those that have already shelled out on all the equipment for PSVR1.

Lore37d ago

But where are the RPGs

ApocalypseShadow37d ago

You must don't know. There's two coming to PSVR. And I'd bet even bigger games like rpgs are coming to PSVR 2.

Phoenix7637d ago

Is Pavlov the game that a YouTuber called Merp plays?

DJStotty37d ago

What is going to be the difference between PSVR and PSVR2?

StoneyYoshi36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Multiple things.
-The headsets higher resolution screens to get rid of the screen door effect.
- Dedicated VR controllers with finger tracking instead of the move controllers and the aim controller.
- Higher fidelity games thanks to the power of the new console.
- One cable connection, and possibly wireless (fingers crossed)
- Having the dedicated controllers alone will allow all of these current popular PC VR games like this game, and Half Life Alyx will now be possible for porting thanks to the new controller setup.

I saw your point about being a hard sell for current adopters of the PSVR1 headset... but thats an issue with any new updated hardware as far as I can remember. But you have to put into consideration the earlier adopters that will be all about updating to a better setup. They have over 5mil PSVR headsets sold since late 2019 I believe, and a good majority of those people would more than likely be ready to update alongside their updated console if they are lucky to get one.

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elazz37d ago

Will probably release earlier in 2022 than I expected. Maybe around this time. Would be great to play the backlog of VR games I have on higher resolution and with better controls but especially looking forward to the games like Half Life Alyx

Bigman4k37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Cool btw i just hope psvr2 be more powerful and supports either 4k or 1440p i dont mine paying more for a more powerful vr thats the only thing really hurting the psvr now is that its not as powerful as other VR's

StoneyYoshi36d ago

4k is a complete waste of resources. Especially when they are small magnified screens right in front of your eyes.

The top headsets available right now have a resolution of 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye. I would expect the PSVR2 to have a similar resolution or more to those headsets especially if they are using OLED.

Babadook736d ago

Yup. Hi resolution is really important for VR because the screen is projected much larger than a typical TV. I expect it to be 1440p at least cause PS5 have the power to run at that res easily.