Bloober Team wants to establish cooperation with an industry entity

Bloober Team, as part of the strategic options review, decided to engage in strategic cooperation discussions with one of the industry entities in order to strengthen its position in international markets, the company said in a press release. Bloober Team has stated that it has no plans to issue shares.

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darthv72788d ago (Edited 788d ago )

They just keep improving their portfolio and it will yield them more notice and increase their value for when the time is right to accept an offer.

Magog788d ago

Translation : They turned down a Microsoft buyout.

darthv72788d ago

You'd have a point if MS was in the running, but I don't think they were.

Magog787d ago

Why wouldn't they be? They paid for timed console exclusivity for 2 of their games.

Rimeskeem788d ago

So basically they want to increase their international value before submitting to a publisher?

Sounds to me like they feel a regret going with MS based on their language. MS has had little success in the international market compared to its rivals and The Medium was not exactly the most critically acclaimed game and I assume it was not as successful as the team expected (though they did state it was successful enough).

I am always looking at devs that seek improvement and praise, I just hope they go to someone who can give them that rather than who gives the biggest paychecks.

Stanjara787d ago

It was successful in a sense that microsoft gave them couple of million for a gamepass...and now they are looking ahead.

But it's a mediocre game. I don't know who game them $60.

Atom666787d ago

Well that's one way to spin things...

So far, no one in the industry has given them more of a push and investment than MS. I'm sure Embracer has made them offers, and they probably weren't very big. That's led to the Koch publishing deal, but we'll have to wait and see how that pans out.

Their growth has been great to see. While they have work to do, they're smart to bet on themselves like this.

Father__Merrin787d ago

The medium tbh its an excellent game there needs to be more narrative adventures like medium, life is strange and of course David cage games

DJStotty787d ago

I agree, i personally enjoyed the Medium.

Shiken787d ago

The Medium was a decent game, but left a lot of room for improvement. Better usage of Maw to have him Stalking you like Mr X did in REmake 2, but you cannot fight back like in Outlast. It would have made the "cat and mouse" scenario between them much more meaningful overall.

Even some of the encounters with him were just for show. He was there, but could not get to you until your reached that one scripted moment. Once you are able to pick out those encounters, it really takes away from the vibe that the game tried so hars to create.

It had a good story and foundation, but I feel like not utilizing Maw in this way really hindered potential. And had they implemented this type of gameplay to what was already there, it would have a much higher meta score IMO.

staticall787d ago

Medium is an excellent game, really?

It fails as a game, though, because gameplay is super boring and pretty much useless. They could've made it into a visual novel and it would've played much better (because you could have an option to skip the boring sloooow walking around).

Puzzles made for kindergarden graduates, non-existent exploration, very bad stealth, overall boring game, exactly 1 semi-scary jumpscare, it's linear as a ruler (usually, it's not a bad thing when gameplay is good, but here it's just another nail in the coffin), has zero replayability. Music is ok (sometimes good, sometimes not), graphics too. Didn't care too much for the story. Art style is good. Voice acting is ok too (some characters were enjoyable to listen to, protagonist was annoying more than anything, constant comments about everything).

Aussiesummer787d ago

The medium was the very definition of meh but a step in the right direction, great to finally see a thorough hommage to Zdzisław Beksiński in game though. I look forward to seeing what their future holds.

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