Infendo Review: Neopets Puzzle Adventure

Infendo: "Looking for some type of "Puzzle" game fix during the holidays? How about a game that was developed by Griptonite Games? Or maybe you are just looking for something casual with colorful graphics and nice music. Well before you actually decide to pick anything up be sure to check out my review as it may save your life.

Before we get started let me just say that for a game that is based on a large online community such as Neopets. Trying to do something like that justice in the form of a puzzle game that does not have online (wi-fi) play is a total challenge in itself.

As you begin the game for the first time you are allowed to create and name your own Neopet. You are able to choose from twelve different creatures which you can customize to the extent of choosing one of six color choices. Ranging in the style of ROYGBIV, for you non-art folks that is Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Then the final choice is deciding what gender your character is going to be, which is basically just putting either lipstick or eyelids with lashes on the mail characters design."

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