How Resident Evil Gets Remakes Right

This month, Capcom is celebrating the Resident Evil 25th anniversary. We also want to celebrate 25 years of Resident Evil by taking a look at some of the most iconic games in the series, and how Capcon improved upon and changed things with the variety of Resident Evil remakes we’ve gotten over the past several years.

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fsfsxii294d ago

like, how? only Remake 1 set the standard, Remake 2 and 3 are not even close to surpassing the originals' design and philosophy, aside from graphics that is.
Remake 3 was a disgrace especially, a textbook on how not to remake a game.

zacfoldor294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

I disagree, 3 jumped the shark, but the RE2 remake was by far the best one yet, and one of the best "remakes" ever made.

RE2 remake is one the most universally loved games in recent years, imo. The hype was real. Still a great game.

TricksterArrow294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Yep, Remake 2 is pretty much how you Remake an old game to meet current standards. Remake 1 though is a good Remake while KEEPING old standards.

RE3 is very lackluster tho.

NapalmSanctuary294d ago

Remake 2 was good but the original RE2 did some things better. Remake 1 completely outclassed the game it was modeled after. The only place that Remake 2 outshines Remake 1 is in the graphics. And we're not even talking visual design, just graphics.

enkiduxiv293d ago

RE3 Remake was always going to be lackluster. It was a remake of a lackluster game.

lellkay293d ago

1 and 2 are awesome. 3 is alright but definitely needed more time in the oven.

Atomicjuicer293d ago

Re2 remake is game of decade. Godly stuff.

Knightofelemia293d ago

All the remakes were good and fun until Capcom dropped the RE 3 remake it didn't live up to the hype the RE2 remake had. That game if it was delayed a little more spent more time being worked on and wasn't half baked I would have loved it to this date I prefer RE3. No matter the console it's on whether PS1, GC, or DC RE 3 the original will always be my favorite.