Mirror's Edge could be Game of the Year picks it's final Nominee for Game of the Year, and it's a controversial one.

From the article: "This is it. The last pick. The final of the five. Its controversial, but it's all mine. Look, there were a ton of GREAT games released this year. Of the games that I played, there are a few that stood out to me. Several notables under consideration include Gears of War 2, GTA IV, Dead Space, NBA 2K9, Fable 2, Too Human (yes Too Human) and perhaps Call of Duty: World at War. All are fine games. All could be Sarcastic Gamer's fifth Nominee for Game of the Year.

Find out what the controversial pick is, after the jump."

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Radiodread3699d ago

I don't give two sh!ts about this site.

Kleptic3699d ago

hahahahaha...he admits to not even playing MGS4, which is the game of the decade more or less...let alone 2008...yet says 'perhaps even CoD: World at War'...

so many crap blog sights have zero taste anymore...don't get me wrong Mirror's edge was a fun 5 hour game, and has great style...but GOTY it is not...and the latest step back to WWII in cod shouldn't even be considered...its a decent best...thats it, nothing more...

MGS4, GTAIV, LBP, or Gears 2...those were the games to beat in 2008...stop pretending like other decent games have a chance...I know this place is trying to be 'different' and 'edgy'...but it just makes you look retarded...1 of the greatest games of all time released this year...1 of the most overrated games released this year...1 of the most innovative games of all time released this year...and 1 of the most addictive and fun to play shooters also released this year...thats not just my opinion...check the critics for those games...cod world at war being up for it?...gtfo...

JSA-Gamer3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Who admitted to not playing MGS4? Do you realize that MGS4 was one of their nominees for Game of the Year????

Think and read before you type so you don't make yourself look stupid...


Nightblade3699d ago

Okay, while very interesting to see, I highly doubt that this will be game of the year, not saying that this is a bad game but, when you have other games fighting for the same crown, it's hard to say that this game "could" be the game of the year. I do like the unique style gameplay of this game though. It took First Person style gameplay to another level and it shows what developers can do if they really put their minds to it but, game of the year I don't see happening for this game.

Dimitrius3699d ago

This guys are totally out of their mind.

- Far Cry 2
- Fallout 3 - ok
- MGS 4 - ok
- Left 4 Dead
- Mirors Edge

The other 3 shouldnt be there.

Mahr3698d ago

A more accurate title of the article would perhaps be "Sarcastic Game is Definitely Worthless Site."