Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection gets new screenshots

After announcing the package last month, Koei Tecmo has shared more on Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection.

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masterfox85d ago

I think in even the Vita can run this, they sure Tecmo didn't put almost no effort on this re-release to make it more appealing.

Teflon0284d ago

The versions they're using are literally the PS Vita games as far as I'm aware. The Sigma pluses, so that isn't saying much lol

gamingtext202084d ago


It seems like they got rid of that purple mist in Sigma 2 or am I mistaken?

gamingtext202084d ago


Never mind just did some research, NG 2 is still censored.

Teflon0283d ago


NGS2Plus if it's the version they're using has the option to turn on the gore

Guess when it's turned off it plays with the purple and when it's on it plays like the original. I know the Vita one limbs come off and such if it's on

b00mFargl383d ago

"didn't put almost no effort"......😂

autobotdan84d ago

These ninja games are too violent. They need to censore these with purple mist smoke replacing blood. You can't have blood spraying all around and body parts flying everywhere.

Z50184d ago

Ninja Gaiden Arcade, 1, 2, & 3 did it.
The Xbox versions are outliers.

84d ago
CrimsonWing6984d ago

Censorship is so annoying. It’d be one thing if the games were made this way from the beginning but knowing there’s a harder M rated version out there and this was purposefully censored by the director makes it difficult to get excited for.

I do want more Ninja Gaiden so I’ll probably wait for a sale.

Sol4ris84d ago

Tecmo and Team Ninja can go drink warm beer in the middle of Summer . They left out the superior NG games for the s***y Sigma versions......super poor effort.

Father__Merrin83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

There no poor effort it's because they already clarified that they don't have the complete code from NG2 NG1 so had to include the sigma game which I thought were better anyways. Had more extras and missions and also looked better with smoother gameplay

Sol4ris83d ago

You are entitled to have an opinion, however it's common knowledge that the Sigma games are worse than the NG Black and NG2 . As such Tecno will not get my custom on this half assed job.

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The story is too old to be commented.