Rogue Company Teams Up with 4K, 60 Frames-Per-Second PS5 Port

Rogue Company writes: We're excited to announce that Rogue Company is coming to PlayStation 5 on March 30!

ocelot07976d ago

Really need to give this game ago.


Top 10 Best Shooters On Switch

Despite lacking Call of Duty, the Nintendo Switch has many great shooters to replace it. Here are some of the best shooters on Switch.

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RavenWolfx413d ago

Anyone else have a small but noticeable delay in aiming on Borderlands 2? Anytime I move the aiming reticle, there is maybe a quarter of a second (250ms) delay before it moves. Happens in both Handheld and Docked.


Rogue Company Revealed Juke as the Upcoming Character

Asura Kagawa from NoobFeed writes - In a cinematic trailer, Rogue Company introduces their newest member, Juke. It's expected that she will be added to the game's roster of playable Rogue characters in June.

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Rogue Company’s major core gameplay upgrade, Covert Ops Battle Pass out now

Today Rogue Company introduced the Covert Ops Update, named after the new Battle Pass full of tactical gear and including four Rogue Outfits. Gameplay-wise, players get to experience their favorite characters with a fresh twist, as new core mechanics make all Rogues more distinct.

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Germaximus594d ago

"major core gameplay upgrade" while showing a skin trailer lol /shrug