Diablo 3 Dev Team Does Not Have all Classes and Act 1 Done reports that there has been a misunderstanding growing among the Diablo community since Rob Pardo made a few comments on the game's progress in an interview at WWI 2008, which would imply that Blizzard have all the classes and most of the game ready to play in their office. The rumour has it that a lot of work is done on the game and that Blizzard is just keeping their great game back to spite the fans.

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Leord3699d ago

Oh, interesting. I wonder how many people are of the impression that the game is done, and Blizzard is just waiting to release it?

Synteny3699d ago

"Spite the fans"? People are getting really paranoid these days...

Leord3699d ago

I think they must be spending so much time doing this... Putting out fires as it were. I mean, people interpret anything they say the way they want it, and lots of fans are very sensitive to webpages overhyping the topic.

Not really pissed on webpages doing it a little bit, but people taking things in without thinking is slightly annoying...

AndyA3699d ago

I'd rather they delivered it 100% ready and polished. It'll be worth the wait.

thetamer3699d ago

Weird, Blizzard are usually pretty good with releasing stuff after they've finished it.

Maticus3699d ago

Blizzard always hangs back on releasing games. If the classes aren't done yet, it'll be months, maybe even a year before we see an alpha.

Leord3699d ago

I think people are just to anxious to wait, and blame Blizzard for them feeing anxious.... Any excuse to throw mud at them...

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The story is too old to be commented.