Diablo 4 Is Getting A Beauty Upgrade On PC

Diablo 4 is going to be more visually appealing on PC, with ray tracing arriving on March 26.

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just_looken71d ago

The game is saved we have better lighting in a game that has a top down view hazahh


Three Legacy Blizzard Titles Come To Battle.Net

A return of the classics Return to the mid-'90s, where two storied universes from Blizzard Entertainment began, as three legacy titles launch today on Battle.net for the first time! This year is the Warcraft universe’s 30th anniversary–the perfect time to revisit the first tales of Azeroth–and hot off the heels of the release.


Voiceactors slam union's "first deal of its kind" over AI use, "We didn’t even have a meeting"

The new agreement will help to create digital voice replicas

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MrDead134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

SAG-AFTRA helping the pushers of AI cutting out more of the workforce so more profits go to CEO's and shareholders.

"Understandably, voice actors are baffled by SAG-AFTRA's decision. Similar to when Microsoft announced its partnership with InWorld AI,

Steve Blum, who has provided his voice in everything including Diablo 4, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, The Last of Us Part 2, and more, said: "Excuse me? With all due respect…you state in the article 'approved by affected members of the union's voiceover performer community.' Nobody in our community approved this that I know of. Games are the bulk of my livelihood and have been for years. Who are you referring to?"

Deus Ex and Starfield actor Elias Toufexis responds similarly: "I would humbly consider myself one of the top voice actors working in games. No one asked me about this. No one reached out for my opinion. From what I'm seeing, no one asked any of my peers either."

Fellow Starfield actor Melissa Medína also responds to the news, calling it a "betrayal" and warning fellow actors: "Don't give your voice to this until you have clarity around where your voice will be used."

"A disappointing agreement SAG-AFTRA have made regarding AI use," Baldur's Gate 3 and Dying Light 2 actor Thomas Mitchells says. "Studios will look past creativity for convenience and this will potentially have a detrimental effect on artists."

shinoff2183134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Money, money, money

In the songs tone

Juancho51134d ago

Capitalism needs to be tweaked a little. The constant hunger for profits profits profits every quarter only open the door for cutting corners and trying to find new ways to make more money. Greed will always ruin products. Even fast food companies like McDonalds started off using quality ingredients and only because of their constant hunger for profits and pleasing shareholders did they begin to use cheaper and cheaper products and materials, just to make profit. You could have the perfect product that everyone loves, but if it doesnt make MORE money for your company year over year then they have to sacrifice parts of it in order to make a profit. If they weren’t always looking to make more money they wouldn’t be doing this, capitalism expects a company to have infinite growth in a finite space, that’s called a Cancer in the biological world.

CobraKai134d ago

Such BS. I want real acting (good or bad) in my movies and games. Not some robot with their fake emotions. Im in full support of real working voice actors. And if it means not buying anticipated games. Then so be it.

Chocoburger134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Indeed, the only message companies understand is when we don't buy their products in droves. Vote with your wallets. Let their games tank and fail, let them suffer the consequences of their actions, and most importantly, don't believe or accept their fake apologies (likely written by an AI bot these days!) when things don't go their way.

Ninver134d ago

The industry is slowly leading to its own destruction.


Diablo: The Official Cookbook Is Now Available

The official lore-filled culinary guide to one of gaming’s most storied and beloved worlds has arrived with Diablo: The Official Cookbook.

Snookies12200d ago

You know, I've never actually checked out any "cookbooks" from games... Are any of these actually any good? I'm pretty great in the kitchen. So, I'm always down for new recipes. Yet I've always found these a bit odd for some reason. I'm sure they're not all winners. There might be a handful of good ones though among them. This kind of piques my curiosity.

Garethvk200d ago

We like to collect the Disney ones and have some Game ones. They have some interesting options.

Games1st200d ago

Don't think it would be any good.

Bhuahahaha199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

juices,sauce and soups will be DLC 😁

Garethvk199d ago

And you have to make a new Chef with each new session.