Where To Start With The Final Fantasy Series

GameByte writes: "Unsure where to begin? I’ve put together some of my choices for perfect first entries into the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy series."

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SDuck44d ago

Each number is a different separate world not connected to the last so start wherever you'd like

ManMarmalade21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

I would honestly start with 6 or 9
6 because all of the characters in the game are authentic, the soundtrack was amazing, and it really was a dark tone for the series with Kefka being the most successful villain out of all the mainline entries.
9 because everything about the game was magical. They took so many elements from the older games such as the setting, lore, bosses (garland being a flashback villain from the original FF) lovable characters, and a great soundtrack. 9 was an ode to the older FF games and also the last FF on PS1. Plus, it looks GORGEOUS for the time. Square pushed the PS1 to it's limits making the game as well.