Biomutant criticized after locking one of its classes behind pre-orders

A Biomutant pre-order bonus locks the entire Mercenary class behind a pre-purchase of the game, a new trailer for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One game has revealed.

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IanTH1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

Amazingly, it gets lamer. They replied to a comment on the YouTube page with this doozy:
"The Merc will be available later.

Only digital and CE pre-orders get it for pre-ordering, unfortunately we can't offer it for physical standard editions as a bonus."
So it is not only segmented as a preorder bonus, but it's further segmented as to what format you preorder in! And "later" has yet to be clarified. Available later for free? Available later as paid DLC? How much later is later? It's an impressive number of misfires on what should be a trivial thing.

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isarai1157d ago

Aw, that's not cool dudes, c'mon

-Foxtrot1157d ago

With how long this game has taken to come out, the fact it might get buried under other games or treat differently as it's from an unknown studio with a new IP on their hands and the games reception could go either way, I don't think locking a class, gaining bad PR is worth it.

Silly Mammo1157d ago

I was very excited about this game when I first heard about it, but I've kind of moved on.

VTKC1156d ago

Wasn't this suppose to be ps4? Lol take any longer and there won't be enough people to care.

monkey6021157d ago

This annoys me. I planned to buy the game but I dont pre order anything. Stupid practice. Don't lock me out of something because I am unwilling to pay you before you put a product out. Even though I will be spending the same money as anyone else on release day

mac_sparrow1157d ago

I mentioned to my wife just yesterday that I had been following this since it was announced and wanted to play it day one, even though there's no PS5 version yet.

Today though, today I think I can wait until it's under £20. I love video games and I really like the look of this, but I won't support this bullshit.

SullysCigar1157d ago

Can't fault your logic there. I've been rooting for this game for bloody ages, but I'll be doing the same as you, sadly.

monkey6021157d ago

I've greatly toned down my spending on new games the last year so I can easily wait this one out if they go this route. Which is sad because there's only a couple of games I've permitted myself to get excited for this year and buy on launch day. Most of which are small developers that I'd like to support.

(Biomutant, Kena, Little Devil inside, Back 4 Blood and Ratchet if anyone was curious)

DogJosha1157d ago

I support boycotting them to show them this is wrong, but if you are desperate, last time I preordered years ago, Best Buy required $0 down for in-store preorders, and possibly Amazon too. Also, GS would still give you your preorder bonus if you went in and preordered the day before the release date.

PappyQ1157d ago

Right there with you. I was planning on getting it day one on XBox, but crap like this = wait.

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mac_sparrow1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

It's important to remember that this started with things like 79p for weapons skins, then it was new items, early unlocks/so called time savers, extra characters... Now it's content being held back and expansion passes to see the actual ending of some titles. It's snowflakes on a mountain side and I want no part in it.

I buy a lot of games, even though my backlog is extensive, partly through excitement and partly through a desire to support an industry that has brought me a great deal of joy; but that doesn't mean I'll sleepwalk towards being unfairly disadvantaged, a potential industry crash, or an unsustainable business model that leads to a race to the bottom in terms of quantity over quality in order to maximize audience retention at the expense of truly memorable experiences.

mac_sparrow1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

I will (and do) buy DLC, when it is clear that it is delivering content beyond the scope of the original vision for the game, or is a well crafted continuation of a narrative that has already had a satisfying conclusion.

This is neither. This is cut content and pressure selling.

I agree with Monkey, I will pay for the product when it is released, not before. An exchange of money for goods, not goods in potentia. I wouldn't buy half a car, with the rest being delivered 6 months later, just as I wouldn't buy pork futures... I'd be more likely to buy a sausage inna bun from CMOT Dibbler.

anast1157d ago

@Mac I get that for sure. And a preorder bonus for characters that that no one has any connection to is a strange marketing decision. I was so ready to day 1 this game and now I just feel let down and uninterested, all that fun hype is gone.

IamTylerDurden11157d ago

It's an unpopular opinion but I can't fault a publisher for pre-order bonuses. At a time when games regularly go half price just a month or two post launch, there needs to be incentive for day one purchases. However, locking a class behind a pre-order is extreme and I understand the outrage. But I will say the situation with Deus Ex Mankind Divided was overblown and the bad PR hurt an otherwise good game.

monkey6021157d ago

I regularly buy games on release day with none of the pre order incentives included. I dont typically care. Cosmetics mean nothing to me really.

In fact the only time I can think of buying one is when I bought the Elsa Walker skin for Claire in the Resi 2 Remake but that had a value to me as someone who followed the series since the mid 90s.

Gameplay effecting incentives are unforgivable if that content isn't later unlockable through progression.

The worst I can remember was the preorder DLC chapter for Mass Effect 3. Where they locked an entire plot point and character behind it.

amazinglover1157d ago

This isn't a pre-order bonus though this is what should have been normal built in content.

Relientk771157d ago

Hopefully this gets insane backlash, and the devs add this class to the game. It's so stupid when companies try to pull this crap.

monkey6021157d ago

I'm hoping they do pull it back and give it to every copy. If I think they're holding shit back from launch day buyers, I'll just wait until the inevitable PS5 update/version and get it cheaper

IamTylerDurden11157d ago

The problem is, there is a slight possibility that this class was specifically created for the bonus. It's unlikely, but if true, we look like dicks..

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