Team Ninja Interview Discusses Ninja Gaiden Master Collection Decisions

Team Ninja head Fumihiko Yasuda was interviewed by Famitsu about the decisions behind the development of Ninja Gaiden Master Collection.

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andron921d ago

So basically there is no online coop because they wouldn't spend time or money on it. Way to be honest there lol...

Sciurus_vulgaris921d ago

Why couldn’t Team Ninja just rip the data off on a digital copy or a disc ?

SoulWarrior920d ago

Doesn't work like that sadly, they'd be able to extract some but would have to rebuild a lot of the games from scratch based off that, like SE did with KH1.5 collection, probably not worth thr financial investment for them.

Sciurus_vulgaris920d ago

I wonder if Ninja Gaiden Black and Ninja Gaiden 2 will be series X enhanced with improved frame rates. Some of the enhanced older games to me at least look like remasters (e.g. Gears 3 on One X/ series X/S).

Tacoboto920d ago

I've been playing NG2 on my Series S - it runs pretty flawlessly at 60fps and the resolution looks way more crisp than 1080p on my 4K. Quick Resume even survived a power outage, the game's installed on an external HDD and loads quicker than I remember too.

920d ago
autobotdan921d ago

"We adjusted the difficulty level so that one player can also clear tag missions."

Father__Merrin920d ago

Admittedly I played this on ninja dog mode it's extremely difficult

Mozillayaseen920d ago

Is there a difference graphically between the switch and the other consoles?I'm thinking of grabbing the switch version but i want to know if there is a difference graphically.If there is then i prefer to grab the superior version

KillaJamm920d ago

Tbh there is always a difference with any switch version, depends if portability is a selling point for you really.

CobraKai920d ago

I’d say wait till reviews come out. It looks like these are just remasters and not remakes. I honestly think that the Switch might be close to the bigger consoles since these are really just PS3 games.

andron920d ago

They mention version D for Switch which is the censored version. But that might be only in Japan. We'll have to wait and see...

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is 150 Days Away From Launch

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be one of the biggest titles of 2024, and we're now only five months away from its launch!

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Snookies124h ago

Can't freaking wait! I only have one tiny nitpick from everything I've seen so far. The ground clutter. There is a ton of pop-in going on when moving around with small rocks and foliage. I hope they can touch that up a bit before release. The game itself looks like everything I could have hoped for! I hope there are a ton of different cards to collect, for Queen's Blood.

nommers1h ago

So glad they're bringing a card game to a FF game again

andy851h ago

Given it's an SSD game now I really hope that's cleaned up closer to release.


Epic Games CEO addresses layoffs, reveals future of Fortnite

After laying off numerous employees, Tim Sweeney, the company’s founder and CEO, sent an email about the situation. The 52-year-old businessman clarified why the layoffs happened and even shed some light on the future of Fortnite.

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Jin_Sakai3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Good on them doing this at least.

“we’re offering a severance package that includes six months base pay and in the US/Canada/Brazil six months of Epic-paid healthcare. We’re offering to accelerate people’s stock option vesting schedule through the end of 2024 and are giving two additional years from today to exercise the options. In the US we’re also offering to vest any unearned profit sharing from their 401k. And we’ll provide benefits including career transition services and visa support where we can.”

Knightofelemia3d ago

I wonder how much of a bonus the CEO will get after this decision?


Would be "too much" for us, but probably it's "not enough" for the greedy bastard...


Epic makes way too much money to have to lay people off of the spent that money smartly. Tim wasted money on exclusives for their store when it could have gone to paychecks for people.

Mikeyy2d ago

Epic put all their eggs in one basket with fortnite, they should have continued with the development of unreal tournament and got that game going as an arena shooter that's free to play with a huge cosmetic cash shop.

But your CEO knows what their doing.... laying off people so the board doesn't see exactly how much you stuck. The usual playbook.


Baldur's Gate 3 Producer Has Joined Fable Developer Playground Games

Baldur's Gate 3 producer Ryan Clark, who worked at Larian Studios for four years, has joined Fable developer Playground Games

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Obscure_Observer3d ago

Xbox is definitely the house of RPGs and it´s getting bigger and better by the day!

Fable will be fantastic!