GamersMark Review: Spore

GamersMark: " With a fiery crash, a giant meteor explodes into the atmosphere of a strange planet, sending hundreds of fragments into the depths of a primordial ocean. One of the fragments breaks apart and a small cell emerges. This epic introduction marks the beginning of Spore, an ambitious game spanning billions of years and thousands of galaxies.

Although presented as a Darwinesque evolution sim, Spore is much more about creation. Throughout the game, players have the ability to create and alter cells, creatures, clothing, vehicles, buildings and eventually entire planets. Spore's creation tools are accessible and astounding, allowing for near limitless possibilities when it comes to playing God. Player created assets are used in the five stages of Spore: cell, creature, tribal, civilization, and space. All five are completely different experiences, ranging from the simple "eat or be eaten" cell stage to the complex universe-spanning space stage."

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