GamersMark Review: NHL 09

GamersMark: "EA Sports received much praise for NHL 08, with its amazing physics, improved AI, and online leagues. This year, EA built on top of its prior success, adding more features and tweaking some of the few nuances from 08. NHL 09 for Xbox 360 is easily the hockey game to pick up this fall.

One of the new main features in this year's game is Be a Pro mode. You start by creating a player (or controlling an existing one), and beginning a career in the AHL. You are solely in control of your player, as your teammates are controlled by the computer. After each shift, your coach evaluates your performance based on your ice positioning, team play, and stats. An arrow appears on the ice showing you where your player should be at certain times. If caught out of position, your grade will lower. If you spend too much time on the ice, your team play grade will be affected. And stats are determined by goals, assists, and plus/minus rating. If you perform well enough, you will eventually be called up to the big leagues."

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