Atomic Heart Shows Off Insane New Photo Mode in Gameplay Video

IGN: Atomic Heart continues to impress with each new look.

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camel_toad209d ago

Gives me that Singularity vibe.

camel_toad208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

Definitely. Really fun and hasn't been anything quite like it since.

victorMaje209d ago

Very nice.
No pre-order. Added to Wishlist.

frostypants209d ago

Exactly. Frankly pre-ordering serves no purpose anymore unless you really must have a physical copy.

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sourOG209d ago

Been waiting on this and quantum error for what feels like years.

monkey602209d ago

Atomic Heart was announced in 2018. It has been years ha

sourOG209d ago

That explains that one lol

seanpitt23209d ago

This game look really impressive pushing gaming to another level.. let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint should look good on current gen

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